The Folded Flag (Smells Like Freedom)

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Subject: The Folded Flag (Smells Like Freedom)
Date: 2019-06-06 09:23
From: Doug Mixson

> My wife and I were travelling from South Carolina to out west back in
> 2017 and we had an experience on an airplane that truly touched our
> hearts. As a result, I sat down and wrote a poem about it.
> Subsequently, a friend of mine (Kirk Boland and his son Wes Boland)
> helped me put this poem into a song which we have copyrighted and its
> now on you tube. Kirk and Wes did the basic vocals to share the song,
> but we are hoping a talented artist would be interested in singing it.
> I am hoping it’s a blessing to someone.
> Hope you enjoy. Would love to hear your feedback.
> Attached is the original poem and here is the link for the song:

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