The Links provided were submitted at the Social Security Administration
to place on NAAV website under the heading Resources. There are three
primary resources that are useful: (1) the VA-SSA co-branded Fact Sheet
targeted specifically to Veteran’s needs, (2) SS information on creating
and using my Social Security account, and (3) Scam Prevention. Click on
each underlined link for direct access to the account.

First, start off with our veteran-specific resources. The SSA team
has partnered directly with the VA to issue a co-branded Fact Sheet [1] outlining the differences between SSA and VA disability benefits to
ensure veterans apply for the benefits that they may be entitled to.
This Fact Sheet will be a perfect addition to your website tab “Social
Security Benefits.” The SSA website is dedicated specifically to
Veterans here: Veteran Resources [2] this link offers not just
disability but also employment information and
other veteran-specific inquiries.

Second, the SSA encourage the public to open a _my _Social
Security account as a reminder that they can still do business with us
online. Whether it is a change of address or a replacement social
security card, you can do it here see link below [3]. Workers and their
spouses can use our retirement calculator to plan for retirement too.
Our aim is to
provide resources and information so families can be in greater control
of their financial future, whether they are receiving disability or just
planning for their retirement. There are other ways to reach us too –
even calling the local office number [4].

Last, the pandemic didn’t stop the scams, the SSA link (5) shows some of
the new material for that campaign too.

Scam Outreach Page [5]

NAAV will be listed on the SSA Veterans listserv now NAAV will receive
email updates as soon as they are released by the SSA.


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