Our vision is to serve as a comprehensive nonprofit organization that values the honorable and selfless service of our nation’s Servicemembers and disabled Veterans.

Our mission is to assist Servicemembers and disabled Veterans and their dependents, particularly severely wounded warriors and single-parent Servicemembers and Veterans, by helping access their benefits, improving communication and coordination with VA, and collaborating with the VA and other Veterans groups, health agencies, medical professional organizations, educational organizations, and the public in support of Veterans, their families, and military caregivers.


Assisting eligible Veterans with obtaining due benefits, counseling referrals, single parenting, and emergency assistance referrals.

Empowering Servicemembers and disabled Veterans by giving them access to information on education, employment, housing, nutritional and spiritual wellness, medical care information, respite care, Veteran mobility van assistance, and job training and career coaching.

Serving as an advocate for Veteran’s rights.

Supporting the timely processing of VA disability claims for all Veterans through partnerships with other Veterans’ groups.


Pitch in $5 or $10 or whatever you can today to support our Servicemembers, Veterans, and their dependents most in need. Don’t wait until tomorrow: it may be too late for those facing eviction, foreclosure, and homelessness. It all helps! Thank you.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our donations have gone down during the past year, since more of our donors are not making money like they once were (corporations), and citizens are not making a lot of money either due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak or restrictions that are being imposed on both corporations and citizens.

We ask corporations and people that can afford to donate to our organization, since we can help Servicemember and Veterans throughout America with your continued support.


Your Year-End Gift Brings Hope to Our Veterans Donate Today.



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The NAAV is a partner with the following corporations:

  • Verizon Financial
  • Joseph H. Moglia Family Foundation
  • Fort Myer Thrift Store
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture Store Foundation

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