Veterans Scholarship Program at Mercy College Approved

Great news!! The National Science Foundation has approved our ‘Veterans to Math Teachers’ scholarship program for another year at Mercy College, beginning in June, 2021 (This Year!!). I am enlisting your support to help ‘spread the word’ for this amazing scholarship program for our deserving veterans. Just to recap: My name is Dr. William Farber, […]

Senior Wellness Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic and Recovery 2021

It has been a rough year for us all, but after caring for my aging parents during the pandemic, I’m convinced senior citizens may have had the most difficult experience of anyone. From being in a high-risk age group for the virus, to being isolated from loved ones for an extended period of time, to […]

Resources for the week of February 15, 2021

Resources for Student Veterans During COVID-19 SNAP Benefits VA Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans Current VA Loan Rates Available Locally Top 60 Veteran & Military-Friendly Employers College Resources for Veterans and Their Families Top 10 Work from Home Jobs for Military Spouses & Veterans with Disability Five Ways […]

Senior Guidance

Senior Guidance (, is an organization dedicated to providing senior living assistance to the elderly. At Senior Guidance, our mission is to help senior citizens during their most difficult times. Senior Guidance provides numerous helpful resources and articles on Alzheimer’s disease, memory care, senior living, aging, senior care, caregiving, and more. In addition, we enable […]

You Served Your Country — Now It’s Time To Serve Yourself As An Entrepreneur

You Served Your Country — Now It’s Time To Serve Yourself As An Entrepreneur There are many reasons that people choose entrepreneurship. Often, it’s for a sense of achievement or financial independence. Other times, it’s to fulfill a lifelong dream. Veterans tend to go into business for themselves because they know they have the drive, […]

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