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Veterans Dental Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “about 30% of U.S. military veterans used some form of tobacco product during 2010-2015. Veterans are more likely to develop health conditions, certain cancers, and mental illnesses than non-veterans. These conditions can also lead to poor oral health problems. NewMouth was created to keep the public, […]

Transitioning After the Military

When transitioning out of the military, it’s estimated that 75% of Service members do not have solid employment or education plan lined up. To assist those in need we have created a Military Financial Guide to Transitioning to Civilian Life. Our guide discusses transition timelines, savings and retirement planning for Veterans, and important steps to […]

The PenFed Foundation Rental Assistance Program

The PenFed Foundation is here to assist those facing eviction due to unemployment caused by COVID-19. If you qualify for our Emergency Financial Assistance program and facing eviction due to loss of income caused by Covid-19, then you are eligible to apply for rental assistance for up to 4 months. You will need to provide […]

Consumer Action – COVID-19 Educational Project

https://www.consumer-action.org/modules/module-COVID-19 COVID-19 EDUCATIONAL PROJECT   The coronavirus pandemic has shone a harsh light on the financial vulnerability of consumers from all walks of life. Consumer Action’s COVID-19 Educational Project offers fact sheets, webinars and resource lists to help improve the ongoing financial health of families and  individuals during the pandemic. Check back frequently for new […]

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