Volunteer Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to provide recruitment goals and not to establish rigid procedures. There is no particular method that can guarantee a successful volunteer program. There are only ideas and tools that those responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers can apply when appropriate to the needs of those running the program or their leadership style.

The Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment for NAAV will have responsibilities similar to those of other nonprofit organizations with volunteer staff, that is, selecting the right person for the volunteer position, motivating staff, supervising staff, and organizing recognition and awards ceremonies. In addition, the Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment has other duties, for example, designing positions that will attract volunteers and recruiting from within BAH and a community. All too often, the value of helping others and the community may not be well understood.

These guidelines provide materials and information on what makes a volunteer recruitment program work: job description/assessment, volunteer commitment, well-planned recruitment, careful screening, selection and placement, appropriate orientation and training, and evaluation by collaborative partners and NAAV.

The Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment should be a diligent recruiter who will actively search out new talent for the nonprofit organization and be able to match the right person to the right position representing NAAV at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and within the community in the greater Washington metropolitan area.

Veteran Volunteer

Here are some questions all those serious about volunteering for a nonprofit organization should ask themselves:

  • Am I flexible?
  • non-profit volunteer opportunitiesCan I function independently?
  • Am I willing to serve others in the way they want to be served?
  • Am I capable of showing initiative?
  • Can I cope with total involvement in the nonprofit organization and the community I serve?
  • Do I have a sense of humor?
  • Am I willing to critically assess my own beliefs and views?
  • Can I accept cultural differences?
  • Can I work as a member of the NAAV team representing the organization at the VA, DoD, and other organizations?
  • Are my goals and objectives compatible with the goals and objectives of the nonprofit organization?

Answering these questions honestly aids the volunteer and the Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment in determining whether the volunteer’s goals and objectives are compatible with those of NAAV.

Volunteer Application

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