Coping Strategies for Veterans Facing Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain is a significant issue for many veterans. It can stem from injuries sustained during service, the physical demands of military life, or other health conditions. Living with this kind of pain is challenging, but there are ways to manage and cope with it effectively. This post aims to provide practical strategies […]

Additional Veteran Entrepreneurship Resource

Hello NAAV, I hope your morning is going well. My name is Denise, and I am reaching out on behalf of the business management platform Clover from Fiserv, a payment and financial services provider. I had the pleasure of coming across your collection of resources on the page below: As the web page provides […]

April Veteran Feed and Connect Event April 20, 2024

Dear Community Partner, On behalf of Mental Health America of Augusta, the Augusta Expo, and Valley Community Services Board, we want to extend an invitation for you and your organization to participate in our upcoming Veteran’s Feed and Connect event. The event will take place on April 20th, 2024, at Augusta Expo Center from 10 […]

Understanding and Addressing Sleep Disorders in Military Veterans

  The transition from military to civilian life brings many challenges, some lingering in the quiet hours of the night. For many veterans, the end of their service marks the beginning of a new battle: coping with sleep disorders. These sleep disorders in military veterans are not just common occurrences; they are complex conditions that […]

Meaningful Ways to Help Your Veteran Neighbors

    There are about 18 million veterans living in the United States today. Chances are, there are more than a few in your community. Many veterans could benefit from help from their neighbors with various life circumstances and decisions, no matter the age. And you have the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of […]

Uplifting Homecomings: Mental Health Care for Military Families

Military families lead a unique and challenging lifestyle. The constant deployments, relocations, and separations can take a toll on their mental health. However, there’s support available in the form of mental health. Find out about the significance of mental health care for military families and how it can uplift their well-being, especially during homecomings. The […]

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