Christopher Brown-Hayes (UK) efforts to honor his rescued German Shepherd.


christopher Hayes-Brown


Hi my name is Christopher from the United Kingdom. Just to let you know my grandfather Arthur Cook fought in the first world war, under age when he joined, I have just now become an author and have a published by Austin Macauley offices in New York London UAE and Australia, a book called ‘Lady’ about a young Yorkshire farmer called David and his faithful German shepherd dog called Lady, full adventure emotional set in world war two, the book has been well received by children and adults, has five star reviews, sold out several times, people have asked for merchandising such as cuddly toys, CD’S, when will it go into film/theatre, will their be a trilogy, comment is the book takes you back to a time long gone, I have cried but totally love the book. Any way please pass around to friends, family, colleagues, the book is a dedication to all those and the animals who fought in the wars, cancer in humans and adults and wildlife conservation Thank you for your time Chris Christopher Hayes-Brown


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