NAAV Testimonies of Time Features of 2017

  Looking back down the road, the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. has received several wonderful testimonies. As we look back, we thank you for allowing our organization to touch so many lives. Here’s a quick walk back down the paths from January through October 2017.   January 2017: NAAV Provides Financial Assistance Dear […]

Late August and September Testimonies

As the leaves begin to do their dance, the sun shines brighter, and wind whistles in its harmony, FALL in with the National Association of American Veterans (NAAV) as we happily share testimonies from veterans and their family members, whose live have been impacted by and because of your giving and support throughout the past […]

June–July 2017 Testimonies

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) is pleased to share our most recent Veteran testimonies. As the summer months progress, it warms our heart to bring the gifts of joy, relief, service, and support to our “active and nonactive” nationwide community of military servicemen and servicewomen. Two Veteran testimonials from May were received […]

Blessings to you, Ms. Burns

It warms my heart to tell you and the National Association of American Veterans how Charlie and I appreciate your dedication, hard work, commitment, and cooperation you have given to us caregivers and Veterans. Recently, I and my husband, Charlie, were sent on a much-needed respite. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to stay for a […]

Testimonials for June 2017

Over the past five years the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. has been going strong, supporting and providing for the needs of our American Veterans and their family members. Throughout the course of our giving, which could not have happened without the generosity of many contributions to this organization, we have been blessed by […]

March Testimonials: “Springing Ahead”

The National Association of American Veterans is honored to share more testimonies as the winter months fade into spring. NAAV has been keeping busy doing what we’ve been commissioned to do, such as the following: • Provide home mortgage support for an Arkansas Veteran through Farmer’s and Merchants Bank in Arkansas. • Provide assistance for […]

January – February Testimonials for 2017

“Thank You” messages received by the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. in February 2017 from North Houston, Texas, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation to Veterans who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces. Here are a few expressions of the thank-yous from postcards received in February from Seeking Unity: Uplifting Words […]

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