National Association of American Veterans (NAAV, Inc.) April~ May~ & ~ June Testimonial


Pouring Out a Blessing
~Not a Month Too Soon~

Within the recently past three-months, the National Association of American Veterans (NAAV), Inc. along with its volunteers, sponsors, and supports has taken every month as it came. Dedicated to fulfilling its mission to serve, provide, and care for those who gave much—at times, more than any of us would be asked or expected to do in our lifetimes. NAAV’s focus on American Veterans and their family members, goes without saying. During April, May, and June, NAAV hung in there along with the changing seasons, weather, and temperatures, because our eyes, ears, and hearts remain open to support as necessary and by faith.

Here are a few pours, but not all, testimonial remnants of the past three months:

June Testimonials… “June could not have come too soon.” It seems the months are here today and gone tomorrow. This past June was one of those kind of month’s that crept in and disappeared in a flash, but not before NAAV could leave its mark on the lives of our Veteran’s and family members. When the calls came in, NAAV was standing ready to support and below are a few of the testaments from those who were able to receive the fruit of asking, seeking, and knocking:
NAAV received a telephone call on Friday, June 18, 2021 from a homeless
VA with 100 percent disabled Veteran status. He was requesting emergency assistance for him and his family of 6 for help with Hotel stay, food, and assistance with the VA for permanent housing.

NAAV, Inc. with the help of the LORD and many prayers on their behalf
was able to provide shelter at the hotel and food the same day. 
“Thanks NAAV for providing emergency assistance for me, my spouse and family of
six (6).  Your support is greatly appreciated.”
— Bruce and Angela Jasmin, five children and 2 grandchildren, Lakeland, FL

NAAV received two testaments of thanks from disabled Vietnam War era Veteran Melvin and his spouse/caregiver Edith Wright (Vietnam War) of St. Louis, Missouri and Dewayne Summage, disabled OIF/OEF Veteran and family of Delray Beach, FL, regarding receiving their 100 percent VA Disability. With the aid of volunteers and supports, NAAV provided legal assistance and emergency assistance over a period of 4 years.
“Thanks to NAAV, Inc. and its Partners and Supporters!”
— Melvin and Edith, St. Louis, MO and Dewayne Summage and Family, Delray Beach, FL

“Thank you again for all that you have done to help us pay-off our
mortgage.  Thanks again for the many hours spent making calls to our
representatives at the bank in our behalf.  Because of your hard work
the bank will work with us.  Praise the LORD!  Praise the LORD!”
— J. and M. Miller, Sandersville, GA

“NAAV, Inc. Thank You for providing your caregiver referrals and
resources to me and my spouse in June 2021.  Your support and
professional assistance in this critical area of need is greatly
–D. Malloy, Warrington, PA

May Testimonials… “May has a way of speeding up the warmth in our hearts in anticipation of what summer may bring, for June is right around the corner.” During the month of May, NAAV’s only rush was to fulfill the needs of our veterans and their family members, and following are a few of the results:

“Thank you NAAV, Inc. for providing assistance with the completion of
my VA Claims and Benefits Application for Automobile and other
Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment under 38 U.S.C. 3901-3904.  The
support and professional assistance is greatly appreciated.” 
— R. Perrelli, Williston, FL

“Thanks NAAV, Inc. CEO for your continued support of me as a disabled
family member and former caregiver of a disabled Veteran for over 10
years. Thank you for providing respite care, support with
transportation.  Currently, I thank you for your prayers and words of
encouragement since my brother was placed in assisted living last year
and I am seeking support with moving expenses and first month’s rent
and deposit at a Senior Apartment in DC.  Thank you for making calls
for me at this senior facility in my behalf.  I look forward to moving
this year thanks to NAAV, Inc.” 
— P. Morris, DC

“Thanks NAAV, Inc. for providing my spouse and I with a food gift
certificate this month.  Your continued support of caregiver of
Veterans is greatly appreciated.  May God continued to bless you and
your support team.” 
— L. Johnson, Upper Marlboro, MD

“Thanks NAAV, Inc. CEO for providing emergency assistance support for
homeless Veterans.  I am no longer homeless thanks to the NAAV, Inc.
and the VA HUD VASH Program in Fredericksburg, VA.  Thanks again for
ensuring that my one bedroom apartment receive furniture and the
remaining deposit paid this week.  I am very grateful and thankful to
the Lord for bringing your organization in my pathway!  Thank you.”
–D. Washington, Spotsylvania, VA

“Thank you NAAV, Inc. for providing VA claims and benefits assistance to
me in May 2021.  I am very grateful for your continued support and
professional assistance on behalf of those who served in the U.S. Armed
Forces nationwide.” 
— R. Perrelli, W. FL

April Testimonials… “April showers bring May flowers” As April sprung with not as many rain showers as anticipated, NAAV’s efforts continued to pour out blessings. Here we share a few sentiments on “return of blessings”:
“Thank you NAAV for provide emergency assistance for me in April that
enabled me to get food and other emergency transportation need
resolved.  Thanks again for your continued support of widows of
deceased Veterans! I am truly thankful … Praise the Lord!” 
— J. Wimbash, DC

“Thank you NAAV, Inc. for ensuring that our home received a new Gas
Boiler in April.  I thank the LORD God for NAAV, Inc. and their
continued support, professional assistance and remembering widows of
deceased Veterans in New Jersey and nationwide.  Thanks for getting a
discount for my new Gas Boiler and for paying my first month’s
— A. Bryan, East Orange, NJ

Statistical Summary:

There is no doubt that our veterans are searching for assistance and in need of help for a variety of reasons. NAAV has captured thousands of visits to our website over the past year as we share the following true statistical breakdown:

All visitors total is 82,900,000
*June totals:
Past week 237,000
Past month 1,050,000
Past year 6/4/2020 to 6/4/2021 2,430,000

Thus, we close this testimonial quarter out with one last message sent to NAAV in June as great things continue happen when we all serve and support our Nations Veterans and their family members…

“Nothing is a match for God’s grace.  Whatever you are facing today, God’s grace is greater.  Whatever you will face tomorrow, God’s grace is still greater!”

Dennis Washington, U.S. Army Veteran writes:
“During my days of homelessness, I’ve come to know Jesus as my Lord,
Savior, and friend.  I am very thankful to my Lord God and NAAV over the
past months for their prayers and support.  I thank NAAV for providing
emergency assistance, guidance and direction they shares through God’s
amazing love and grace.  Thanks to NAAV and their prayer warriors for
praying for me and my recovery from cancer.  On my Christian journey,
while I travel the road of challenges and problems, I’ve learned that
there’s no match for God’s grace and those He’s sent my way to provide help
and encouragement.”  Thank you LORD and thank you NAAV!
— D. Washington, Spotsylvania, Virginia

~~~ On final note, NAAV received over 50 calls for emergency assistance such support with payment with utilities, rent, mortgage, home repairs, car repairs, homelessness, food, accessible vans, assistance with Veterans Affairs claims and benefits, pro bono legal assistance, spiritual wellness to name a few.  Your monthly donations support our efforts to assist our nation’s Service members and Veterans and their caregivers and family members most in need especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020 and beyond.  To donate visit click on DONATE TODAY!  Thank you.

Kindest regards,
Constance A. Burns
CEO and President
NAAV, Inc.
Washington, D.C.

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