Suicide Prevention Contact

The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 50 Irving Street, NW, Washington, DC 20422 offers a patient centered team approach to zero suicides. The program specialists of the Suicide Prevention Program are highly skilled and use evidence-based practice and listen to Veterans. The Suicide Prevention Program offers support by call Veterans who may be at risk for suicide. The Suicide Prevention Program can assist you in your journey back to a place of peace. Services offered are as follows:


. Guidance to Wellness Services

. Linkages to Programs and Resources

. Advocacy to Ensure Veteran-appropriate Services

. Weekly Calls or Contact with Veterans in the

Suicide Prevention Program

. Monthly Newsletter and Birthday Cards

. Supportive Counseling

. Monthly Support Groups

When to Reach Out for Help

Know the following signs and get help immediately:

. Talking, thinking or writing about death

. Looking for ways to kill one’s self

. Substance abuse/increased or excessive

. Purposelessness/no reason for living

. Anxiety/agitation

. Trapped

. Hopelessness

. Withdrawn from family/friends

. Anger/rage

. Recklessness

. Mood Changes

Suicide Prevention Contact Numbers

Suicide Prevention Coordinator, 202.745.8000 ext. 54999

Suicide Prevention Specialist, 202.745.8000 ext. 55280

Suicide Prevention Specialist, 202.745.8000 ext. 52433

Patient Service Center

(appointment/medical advice); 202.745.8000 (press 2)

Veterans Crisis Line, 800.273.8255

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