Steps to a Balanced Life

Greetings! NAAV appreciate your interest in our suggestive steps to a balanced life. Since becoming the founding president in 2005, I‘ve had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with service men and women, military caregivers, veterans and their families across this nation. Time and time again, service members, caregivers of veterans, veterans and their family members have shared their stories with me about how NAAV’s spiritual wellness materials has positively impacted their lives. While details vary, the common thread going through every account is that our spiritual wellness literature and words of encouragement from the word of God puts an arm around those who served when most in need. In this newly created tab, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the guiding principles that make a balanced life more attainable.

As NAAV moves forward, with this new initiative we want to embrace upcoming veteran families in the joys and challenges they face through the Word of God. We want to support our American Veterans and their families who are in the trenches or facing the realities of daily living with words of hope.

Again, we look forward to receiving your comments or concerns regarding this new endeavor. If we can be of assistance to you or your loved ones please contact us at (202) 465-3296; Toll Free: 1 (866) 559-8387(VETS) or email: We’re here to help you!

A New Purpose: When a soldier losses a limb, he can lose so much more. Excerpts of Major Edwards Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret) was taken from the Guideposts, True Stories of Hope and Inspiration, February 2014; New York, pp. 39-42.

A wounded warrior of the war in Iraq shares his loss of limb, death encounters, and recovery in February’s 2014 issue of Guideposts. Here is a portion of his story below.

“Boom! Our SUV careered forward, the hood in flames. I couldn’t move. My body was covered in blood. Bone protruded from my left knee. I remember choking on the flumes of diesel and burning rubber.” During the recovery phases he states “that night I tossed and turned, my fears metastasizing by the hour. How will I support my family? I don’t want to drag Karen (spouse) down with me. I should tell her she would be better off without me. And my little girl Kaitlin, she’ll be afraid of me.” There were moments when he thought about suicide. He states “One night, after the nurse had made her rounds, I looked over at the IV bags, the tubes that pumped antibiotics, pain meds, nutrients into my bloodstream. Everything that was keeping me alive. But for what I should just end it. Pull out the line. Get it over with. There on the wall, staring back at me was the face of Jesus, almost illuminated in the gloom. His picture was surrounded
by cards hundreds of them. Every card sent by someone who cared. Someone pulling (praying) for me. I pulled my hand away from the tubes. Lord, forgive me, I prayed. I was so close to abandoning the life you’ve given me. But you have not left me. I know that now. You are here. I drifted off to sleep, the best rest I’d had since the explosion.” For the complete story visit

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