National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) Presents Thanksgiving Day Food to Access Housing, Inc., Homeless Veterans, SE Washington, DC


On Friday, November 12, 2021, the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) presents Thanksgiving Day turkeys and other meal items to homeless Veterans residing at Accessing Housing, Inc. located at 820 Chesapeake Street, SE Washington, DC. Access Housing Inc. DC is a not-for-profit corporation providing housing and supportive services to homeless Veterans.

NAAV, Inc. support Service Members severely injured in combat, military caregivers, single-parent Service Members and Veterans and their families. We provide claims and benefits assistance, respite care assistance, emergency assistance resources and referrals, housing and financial aid referrals, legal help, assistance for homeless Veterans and career coaching nationwide.

As the founder of the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) I was saddened and appalled by the struggles of so many recent Veterans especially the plight of homeless Veterans nationwide. During my visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital in 2004, I realized that Veterans and their family members need help, someone to talk to, someone who can help when rent and utility bill is overdue, someone who can navigate the bureaucracy to help them get benefits they deserve such as mobility vans, caregiver support, and assistance with VA claims and benefits as well as housing due to homelessness nationwide.

This is what the NAAV covers with its over 60 volunteers and supporters nationwide. Our volunteers handle more than 14,000 calls and over 5 million yearly who visit our website for resources and referrals. NAAV is committed to assisting Service Members, Veterans and their families experiencing financial hardship. An emergency assistance referral may be provided to help families during their time of need such as counseling referrals, personal financial assistance through one of our partners, medical transportation, homelessness assistance, as well as employment and medical care information.

In 2007, NAAV’s president and CEO served as advisor to the co-chairs for the President’s Commission on Care of America’s Returning Wounded Warriors and Mental Health Task Force for PTSD in support of our nation’s Service Members and combat Veterans.

Since 2005, NAAV has been an advocate for caregivers of Veterans most in need nationwide. NAAV’s recommendations for the caregivers was accepted by the President’s Commission report to President Bush in 2007, and in 2010 Title 1 of Public Law 111-163, Caregivers of Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act was approved and signed by President Barack Obama.

In 2007, NAAV president and CEO introduced an outline and text for a Guide to Healthy Caregiving, which was published by Quick Series Publishing in 2008 and later adopted by the VA Caregiver Support Program in 2011.

In 2015, NAAV president and CEO received a Congressional Award for work in support of homeless Veterans nationwide. In September 2016, NAAV as honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with the “Commitment to Service Award” at their 83rd Convention held in Arlington, VA. In 2016, NAAV received the “Certificate of Appreciation Award” by the Director of the DC VA Medical Center for leadership, dedication, and commitment to service for our nation’s Veterans and their family members.

In 2021, NAAV president and CEO was one of the four awardees honored at the Black History Month Celebration at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Gospel Service, Fort Myer, Virginia for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in Veteran’s advocacy and health care services.

NAAV is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit veterans’ service organization since its inception in 2005 with an administrative cost of only 5.3 percent, donations go straight to Veterans and their families, in ways that make an immediate difference in their lives. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of federal. Visit click on DONATE TODAY! If you are a federal employee or federal retiree visit www.GIVECFC.ORG to donate. NAAV CFC designated number is 85065 “Caring About Those Who Served”. Thank you.

In 2020, NAAV, Inc. received a donation from Food Lion Corporate Office in support of our Veterans and their family members most in need of emergency food assistance in the DC Washington metropolitan area. On November 12, 2021, NAAV president and CEO Constance A. Burns traveled to Food Lion at 9500 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, Maryland to purchase turkeys and other meal items totaling $500.00 to donate to homeless Veterans residing at Chesapeake Veterans Home in SE Washington, DC. “My first visit to this store was outstanding. The turkeys were “large” and with a great price.” The Food Lion prices were great with special discounts for our Veterans. Their customer service is great! The store was clean, well-stocked, with a variety of different foods and brand to select. Great store! The employees were very friendly and provided great customer service. I look forward to my next visit to this store to purchase more store items in support of our homeless Veterans.

Since 1957, Food Lion, based in Salisbury, North Carolina, operates more than 1,000 grocery stores in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. The Food Lion is committed to protecting their customers and associated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food Lion also welcome feedback from their customers. Food Lion makes shopping easy and convenient to shoppers by accepting credit cards and donated credit cards from their Corporate Office.

Food Lion’s associates made NAAV first shopping experience visit easy and affordable. At Food Lion, food safety is their number one priority. They are very concerned about their communities, friends and neighbors who trust in them to protect their food and keep it safe.

Again, NAAV’s first visit to Food Lion was exceptional concerning the quality of their food items, products, as well as the fine team of employees who really care about our nation’s homeless Veterans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Access Housing, Inc. Southeast Veterans Service Center (SEVSC) and Chesapeake Veterans House (CVH) transitional housing program provides an extensive list of services for homeless Veterans eighteen and older. The mission of Access Housing, Inc. is to provide the tools homeless Veterans need to successfully return to civilian life.

“In the late 1970s, DC City Councilman H.R. Crawford received a call about evicting a camp of homeless from under a bridge near Georgetown. Upon inspecting the site, Councilman Crawford found himself astonished by the ingenuity of the community in applying its survival skills to provide an electrical supply for lighting and cooking. He was even invited for a fried chicken dinner make on a hot plate and served with coffee. During that memorable dinner, Councilman Crawford learned that the primary population of the homeless community was composed of Veterans, each with a distinct story that shared a dire conclusion.” This event paved the way for the founding of Access Housing, Inc. Southeast Veterans Service Center. H.R. Crawford’s vision was to create a “haven” for those who served in our nation’s U.S. Armed Forces with safe and permanent housing. Decades later SEVSC continue to fulfill this mission.

The Access Housing, Inc. manages the Southeast Veterans Service Center and the Chesapeake Veterans House for (male and female) homeless Veterans in SE DC. The facility has 98 beds (20 permanent SRO-Single Room Occupancy units and 78 transitional units). Each Veteran has their own room. Access Housing, Inc. provides support for addiction, mental health problems, PTSD, medical needs, family issues, and employment training and placement. Their program goal is to provide full employment, independence, and reintegration into the Washington DC community. Access Housing, Inc. is financially supported by the Veterans Administration, Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness, the Coalition of Homeless Veterans, DC One Fund, The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the local United Way, and other local grantors and nonprofit organizations. For more information, please contact Dwayne A. Jones, Property Manager, Access Housing Inc. DC at (202) 561-8387 or email: or NAAV, Inc. C. Burns at or (202) 355-3879. Special thanks to Kent Freeman, U.S. Army (Retired) who provided the images and transportation service to Food Lion and Access Housing, Inc.

Best regards,
NAAV, Inc.
Washington, DC


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