NAAV September Testimonies

NAAV September Testimonies


The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. is winding down summer after providing assistance all summer to many of our nation’s most deserving. For NAAV, September was a busy month. Just as our four seasons all have unique flare and flavor, so too does NAAV have its highs and lows, amazing, gradual, and fulfilling months.

September was one of those particularly pleasurable months, as NAAV was able to support Veterans and their family members in a number of ways. We are happy to share a few of the testimonies we received as well as to showcase the effort, collaboration, and giving, from many of you, that helped make the end of this summer season noteworthy.

From John Waldorf General Manager, Estes Services

“Today (8/29/2016) wasn’t just a typical day of installing an air conditioning system at a client’s house. SSgt. John Clark a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD from his time overseas has been without AC for majority of the summer. After Estes heard their story we immediately reached out to Mingledorf’s and Hughes Supply to see what we could do to help to deliver comfort to this patriot in need. This afternoon our installers went out and installed a full system. We were pleased to be of assistance. Thank you Ssgt Clark for serving our country.”

*SSgt John and Sara Clark benefited from the kind services of Estes Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., Services of Atlanta, Georgia. Because of their dedicated support and partnership with NAAV, the Clarks received a new heating and cooling system.


“…Estes Services strives to assist our veterans in many manners. We are constantly seeking out & introducing veterans to our industries of HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical. We have hired many veterans, some with no previous industry experience, & have trained them so that they can have a long meaningful post military career. Having served in the U.S Army myself I am sensitive to the plight that faces a military family & am glad to help in any way possible.” *Personal testimony from John Waldorf, Estes Services, Atlanta, GA


Sept. 10: NAAV received an award from the Director of the DC VA Medical Center for support of the 2016 Welcome Home to Veterans “A Salute to Service.” Constance Burns, CEO & President NAAV


From Ms. Kim Carrimgton,

“God Bless you. Thank you so much I can’t say it enough.”

Sept. 20: NAAV paid utility for service member and family most in need.



From Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Doreen Raymond

Ms. Burns,

My wife Doreen and I are extremely grateful for the time you spent with us yesterday at the VA Hospital.  Not only did you include us in your busy schedule, but you went out of your way to discuss your amazing work for the American veterans at large. We are blessed to have you as our very energetic and successful advocate at this time when too many of our citizens and representatives appear to be ignoring the sacrifices offered them freely by our veteran and active duty men and women. A million times thank you for your selflessness.

We are indebted to you for the immediate support you provided us yesterday, to include offering to be our advocate as our claimants representative. I will be meeting with my cardiologist next week to request the relevant documentation attesting to my advanced Obstructive Sleep Apnea and its persistent impact on my coronary heart disease for which I already receive compensation. I will return to see you on 10 October 2016 with this documentation.

Doreen and I are also grateful to Lola (not sure we got her name correctly) for attending to us and guiding us around to meet with you and the audiology specialists. She also is a wonderful, caring, and gracious lady. Please convey our gratitude along with our greetings to Lola. {Ref made: Special thanks to Mrs. Lola Taylor-Johnson}

Thank you again. And may God bless you and your work. May He also strengthen you to meet His challenges. Sincerely, Phil & Doreen Raymond

*On September 12, NAAV, the Phil and Doreen received assistance with claims and benefits from NAAV and the office in Washington, DC.

From Mr. Brian Rice, Disabled Veteran (Sept. 22)

Ms. Burns,
I can’t find the words to express the gratitude towards you and Mr.
Brog during my families and I most desperate time of need. The two of you
truly are a blessing and for all intentions and purposes, ………….
OURS! You have provided us the means to explore God’s creation, together as
a family, that would otherwise be impossible. But most importantly, this
provided transportation to Doctors and Specialist, etc. which will improve
my quality of life to as close as it was before my injuries and allow me to
enjoy LIFE again. Thank you for all you’ve done and with this second chance
I will continue to serve God as I always have; as well as provide you with a
warm heart consumed with pride, satisfaction and love knowing you gave this
life back to me and I’m using it to better other’s by using my gift to help
and influence others. Thank you again and if I can help in the future please
let me know!


*NAAV provided funds towards a down payment for a used vehicle. NAAV was also instrumental in obtaining support of David Brog, Executive Director at Air Warrior Courage Foundation for additional funds toward the down payment.


As we come into the fall season a time to reflect and slow the pace down, hustling to prepare for all the enticing aromas of fall spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cranberries, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of NAAV’s mission. Some the testimonies you just previewed corresponded with NAAV’s ability to serve our Veterans in many areas. *In late August 2016, NAAV provided emergency assistance relief for Veteran family Raymond and Sandra Depew of St. Festus, Missouri.

Although we cannot afford to slow down in our campaign of giving, we do want to remind you that your kindness to, care for, and devotion to this organization’s mission is unquestionably recognized and appreciated beyond our office doors, but most immediately by those whose faces you will never see, names you will never know, or voices you will never hear say thank you. Yet they are out there and realize that you were the means behind their gas bill being paid, their water heater being fixed, extra food put on their table, that you provided resources for mental health counseling, transportation, and medicine refills, and myriad of other situations handled by NAAV.

Through your support to NAAV, our nation’s Veterans, wounded warriors, military servicemen and servicewomen, and their families can sleep a few more nights in peace or maintain their dignity and pride as America’s heroes.

With sincere gratitude,


NAAV, CEO and President

Constance C. Burns

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