NAAV Fall Testimonies for October and November 2018

While the leaves are falling, there have been many notes of thanks for giving. The National Association of American Veterans (NAAV) is proud to have celebrated this year both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving with you, your families, and our greatest reward—American Veterans.

October 2018 and November 2018 Times of Testimony

Who Knew:

“Blessings to you Ms. Burns and the National Association of American Veterans. I want to thank you for the gift certificate to Bone Fish Grill. God knows I needed to get away yesterday for a few hours, and I remembered that gift certificate.  I couldn’t get to the restaurant quick enough. It was the first time I visited the restaurant so I wasn’t familiar with the menu. I had a wonderful waiter named Darryl Thompson, who recommended items for me to enjoy. The meal was great, and the service was outstanding. I thank God for The NAAV and most of all for you Ms. Burns, for caring so much about us caregivers. Have a blessed and wonderful day,” LJ

In October 2018, the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) received three donated wheelchairs in support of military families most in need of accessibility. In August of 2018, NAAV received a donated Hoveround Motorized Scooter with a market value of $4,000 from Julie Rhodes, caregiver and now widow of deceased Veteran Russell “Rusty” Rhodes of Potomac, Maryland.

Over the past several years, Mrs. Rhodes received professional assistance with her husband’s VA claims and benefits from NAAV including caregiver resources and referrals. In October, this donation to NAAV was awarded to another Veteran caregiver residing in Washington, DC.

“I want to take this time to thank you for the contribution of the motorized scooter for my husband Lawrence Myers. I am caring for Lawrence recovering from a stroke and my son Derrick with both leg extremities amputated from the knee down. Lawrence has a difficult time with mobility, it was a hindrance moving around before we received the motorized scooter. This powered wheelchair will make it more convenient to transport him to and from scheduled medical appointments. In addition to moving around the house. Unfortunately, we could not afford to purchase a scooter out of our income.

Again, we are extremely thankful for the donated Hoveround motorized scooter.” – Barbara Myers, Washington, DC.

Again, in October 2018, NAAV received two wheelchairs from Annie Walker a widow and mother of a deceased Veteran residing in Bowie, Maryland. Both wheelchairs one manual and one electric were received in brand new condition with accessory parts inclusive of the charger, never used and with a market value of $1,885.01 and $596.00 respectively and given to the Armed Forces Retirement Home-Washington, DC.

These two wheelchairs will be of great benefit to a Veteran at the AFRH-Washington in need of mobility equipment to enhance his or her quality of life. Below is Mr. Ray Anderson, one of the veterans who received a newly donated wheel chair in November 2018.

Following, Mr. Anderson is shown proudly seated in his new facilitated chair as he plays the piano at the Sunday morning Retirement Home-Washington, DC on Veterans Day:

Ray Anderson is a World War II Veteran who received the manual wheelchair in November 2018.

For Your Information:

November 15, 2018—
“I was at your table this morning at the Women’s Congressional Policy Institute breakfast. I was moved by your remarks and by the work of your organization. I attended the program because I am working with an entity that is partnering with the DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs to present a pilot program on entrepreneurship training for military veterans, spouses and caregivers. The program begins on December 3. It is not limited to DC residents and the program is at no charge to the participants.”

NAAV celebrates Thanksgiving Day at the Access House Veterans Center in SE Washington, DC on November 22, 2018, helping to decorate and feed over 30 veterans and delicious and hot meal. There was plenty of protein, carbs, and dessert to go around.

More than one reason to give thanks:

“Thank you NAAV also for covering the delivery service costs for both wheelchairs to the AFRH-Washington in the amount $400.00. The Rehab Department staff have already begun training with a
Veteran on how to use the electric wheelchair and the Veteran is doing very well and most appreciative to have the equipment. We are fortunate to have caring organizations who remember our Veterans and their service to this country. On behalf of the most distinguished Veterans at the AFRH-Washington, I wish to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” for your most generous donation.” – Lynn J. Holt, MS OTR/L, Director, Rehabilitation Services, AFRH-Washington, DC

“Thank You NAAV, Inc., the trip to Suicide Bridge Restaurant was fantastic! The people I met were nice, kind, very helpful and supportive. The trip down was relaxing and enjoyable. The boat cruise was wonderful. The food was delicious with very enjoyable music with scenic views and excellent service. Overall, everything was great! I hope I can attend more gatherings with this group.” – Lola Johnson, Veteran Caregiver, Maryland

“My family and I are writing this letter to express our gratitude for you and your organization the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. We have had set backs and hardships unimaginable. Recently, our vehicle was in repossession and being a family of seven we desperately needed to find a solution. When we reached out to NAAV for guidance, NAAV never judged us or criticized my family. NAAV was eager and willing to assist our family. We cannot express our appreciation for NAAV for helping us regarding this matter. When we initially reached to NAAV in 2006 our family had just evacuated to the State of Texas after Hurricane Katrina. We are humbled by NAAV’s approach, persistence and demeanor towards the military families most in need including our family.” – Forever Grateful, Keith and Akira Jerome & Family, Texas

NAAV is honored to serve those who have given so much. Thank you all for your continued support both great and small, because the lives of individuals and families are being sustained and changed.

Kind regards,

CEO, President
NAAV, Inc.
Washington, DC

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