Introducing: Through the Eyes of a Poet

by Sherri Jones-Kleiner, Media and Publications Manager and Advisory Council, NAAV, Inc.

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. would like to turn your attention to a book of poetry recently published by one of NAAV’s Advisor Council Members. Sherri Jones-Kleiner, NAAV’s Media and Publications Manager, has recently published her first book of poems, Through the Eyes of a Poet, published by Westbow Press.
This book is about life, love, transformation, and pieces of this author’s life, and touches areas of joy, pain, friendship, love, and struggles of overcoming that many of us have faced and experienced in our own lives. This volume of poems speaks straight to the heart and soul in its poetic genre that lends itself to the reader’s ability to absorb and beckons to the reader’s willingness to hear and make connections with his or her own life.
NAAV invites you to take part in ordering this book of poetry written and now published by one of our very own organization members. Tell others about it or purchase one for a family member or friend. Please note, if you decide to order, 3 percent of the proceeds will go toward supporting NAAV’s mission to serve Veterans. We welcome your feedback!
For more information, please visit the website at and search by book title or author, “Sjk.”

Through the Eyes of a Poet By Sjk
Through the Eyes of a Poet By Sjk
ISBN: 978-1-51272-367-0
184 pages



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