On Thursday, Oct. 12, CONSUMER ACTION will host a train-the-trainer in Washington, DC. The personal nature of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions might make it easy to forget about the business side of buying, selling or renting. Other names for the sharing economy include the peer-to-peer, P2P or  peer economy, the ?gig? economy, the ?collaborative? economy, and the ?on-demand? economy. Whether you?re renting your home to a traveler, making extra cash giving rides in your car, getting paid to do a household project or selling something you made, you need to make sure you have the insurance coverage necessary to allow you to take advantage of the sharing economy without taking on significant financial risk. This includes how to protect yourself should anything go seriously wrong. The _INSURANCE IN THE SHARING ECONOMY_ module includes brochures, a Q&A guide, a lesson plan, PowerPoint slides and evaluation that you can use to help those who earn income through the sharing economy to understand the potential property and liability risks, determine their  insurance coverage needs and protect their assets.
The training is designed especially for you ? staff members and volunteers of community groups, local government and social service agencies ? who serve the working poor, recent immigrants, welfare-to-work recipients, self-employed individuals, service members and veterans and others working toward financial empowerment. The training will provide you with information, tools and resources that you can use to educate your clients and help them to understand the  property and liability risks that exist for participants in the sharing  economy, coverage provided by major P2P platforms, personal insurance needs and options and where to obtain more information.

TEACHING ADULTS_. The training will provide tips for teaching adults and diverse audiences, it will be helpful to you even if you have taught similar courses before.
 TRAVEL STIPENDS. As a nonprofit, we recognize that community groups have limited travel budgets. We will provide a $25 travel stipend and reimburse a maximum of $20 for parking to all participants that attend this training. In lieu of the $25 travel stipend, we will provide mileage reimbursement at 53.5¢ per mile and reimburse a maximum of $20 for parking for participants that live more than 50 miles one-way from the training site. We encourage you to register as early as possible since seating is limited. Registrations will be accepted until SEPT. 22.

You can register online [5] or if you prefer, fax your registration form [6] to 510-952-8285.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017
 Time: 8:30 a.m. ? 3:30 p.m. (Breakfast and lunch provided)
Place: National Association of Broadcasters
1771 N Street NW
 Washington, DC 20036

Confirmed registrants will receive a confirmation letter, map and information on parking. If you have questions, please contact Audrey Perrott at 800-999-7981, ext. 750. We look forward to your participation.

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