Federal Register Notice: Solicitation for Member Appointment

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA’s) advisory committee management program. In support of VA advisory committees, we’re always seeking new candidates to
serve as committee members for VA’s 25 advisory committees.

In an effort to find untapped sources, ACMO is soliciting your help with this recruitment effort. We’d like to partner with you on finding new members.

Attached are the following documents:

VA’s List of Committee Names and Objectives

Notice for Solicitation:

Veterans’ Rural Health Advisory Committee, accepting applications through December 15, 2016

Periodically, we’ll send you an email when vacancies are available on the VA Advisory Committees. If you or someone you know is interested in being considered as a committee member, please see the instructions provided in the attached notices. However, if you’re not interested in receiving these emails, simply click “REPLY” and enter the message, “Please remove my name from this distribution list.”

You may also visit our website at www.va.gov/Advisory http://www.va.gov/Advisory.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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