Disabled Veteran Creates Transformative Card Game for Children to Achieve Digital Balance

Today, we live in a digital world where children are thrust into using digital. According to an online article written by Winda Benedetti, “the NPD Group, 91% of kids in the U.S. between the ages of 2 and 17 are gamers.” Digital games can become a problem when a child likes screens more than people. It is important for parents to limit the amount of time children play digital games. Zorina Pritchett a disabled Army Veteran wanted to help busy parents that rely on digital games to entertain their children by encouraging parents to achieve digital balance. When children are introduced to other modes of playing games, it creates balance and flexibility. To offer fast game options to digital, Zorina started ZoChey in July 2023 a small business. Her first product “ZomadicShift” delivers a refreshing and beneficial tool for both children’s development and family bonding. This fast-paced card game is not just an entertaining pastime but can be a tool for learning and emotional growth.

Here are four significant benefits of playing ZomadicShift card game which can become a favorite in family game nights:

1. Cultivation of Cognitive Flexibility

 The game’s unique nature in having players pass their cards to the right or left when pulled, requires players to adjust to changes quickly. This fosters cognitive flexibility, an essential skill in adjusting to current information and changing environments. Children learn to adjust to the pattern changes of the game, enhancing their ability to switch between tasks, a skill that will serve them well in school and social settings.

2. Encourages the Ability to Follow Directions

 Following the game’s rules requires attention to follow specific instructions to pass cards right or left, sometimes one or two times. This aspect is especially beneficial for school-aged children, as it parallels classroom learning and the discipline required to follow instructions. Through engaging in gameplay, children practice and internalize the importance of listening and following guidelines, a skill that translates into better classroom behavior and school performance.

3. Emotional Developments

ZomadicShift is not just about winning; players can learn how to manage emotions in a competitive way. Players experience a range of emotions – excitement, disappointment, and joy, teaching them to manage their feelings and reactions. This aspect of the game aligns with the principles of social-emotional learning, crucial in the developing brains of children. By navigating these emotions, children learn patience, resilience, and sportsmanship.

4. Alternative to Digital Games

When there are no power sources, electricity, or internet, digital games are not effective. However, ZomadicShift offers a continuous terrific way to educate, entertain and have personal contact with family and friends. With ZomadicShift, play time is ten minutes or less which keeps players fully engaged.

With children being exposed to fast interactive games from digital, Zorina believes children need a fast effective game option to connect and bond with family and friends away from screen time. Digital games will continue to evolve and become a staple form of entertainment. Zorina hopes to encourage parents to help their children to adopt a healthy balance of time spent playing digital games and bonding with family and friends. Her passion for protecting children from the negative impact of digital with ZomadicShift stands as a testament to the power of simple, interactive games in the age of digital distraction. It is a game that brings families together, turning game night into a rich, educational, and emotionally rewarding experience. To learn more visit https:www.zochey.com.

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