Summer 2021Tenant screening reports Overview

Tenant screening reports

By Ruth Susswein

Landlords often rely on tenant screening reports to evaluate rental applicants. But these reports can be riddled with errors that can stain your reputation and ruin your chances of finding a place to live. Read more.

Screening out fairness

By Monica Steinisch

While those who use tenant screening reports extol their utility in the decision-making process, serious flaws in the reporting system perpetuate racial inequities, result in unfounded rental application rejections, and contribute to a worsening housing crisis. Read more.

Legal protections for renters

By Alegra Howard

Tenants have rights when it comes to applying for a rental home. Here’s what you should know before you fill out your next rental application and where you can turn if you think your application is unreasonably denied. Read more.

Small landlords rely on screening reports, but need rental
assistance too

By Ruth Susswein

As we work our way out of the pandemic, billions in emergency rent relief dollars are available to help tenants stay housed and landlords stay afloat. Learn how landlords can apply when their tenants don’t. Read more.

Tips to combat an imperfect rental history

By Alegra Howard

We’ve compiled suggestions for some things you can try in order to smooth the way to a new rental, even if you’ve had trouble in the past. Read more.

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