Spiritual Moments…. What Happens When We Die? We Cry George Floyd

Another senseless, cruel, unnecessary

DEATh of a BLACk Man1

Why is that allowed to happen

Why are our boys allowed to die~

Is it because you think no one cAres

Is it because you thinK no oNe will cRy

What if iT was Your sOn, brotHer, or fAther~

You’D scrEAm perseCute theM…Hang ‘Em hIgh!

So what maKes yoU any diFFerent

whiTe on Black IS JustiFied~ Black on wHite is a VIOlent CRime, bUT Black ON Black is AlRighT; whiLe

whIte on wHite is an unFortuneAte aCt!

Do you C this as An Uneven sCale ~ 2 heLL with aLL THIS innoceNt PLEA

U lie to yourselF; you LIE to mE!

WHY is this aLLowed to haPPen, WHY are OUr BoyS alloWed to DIE~

iS it because YOU doN’t Care… iS iT because yoU THINK wE won’T cRY


it’S WROng anyTIME, anyDAY or anyNIGHT when oNe dIes fightinG 4 HIS lIFe~

Just like, O anOther Black boy or Black Man KiLLed, while restrained… fiGHting foR HIS Life…FightinG for HIS breaTH!

WHY was that allowed to happen?

WHY is it alright for our boys to die?

Do you think nobody cares?

Do you think no one will cry?

well, we do~


Respectfully drafTed,


Circa 31 May2020 rv. 09 June 2020

1 News flash… May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, MN “George Floyd, a 46-year old black man dies…” What’s missing… understanding diversity and embracing each other’s differences… developing a mature sense of “unconscious biases,” only then can we ALL unit, stop the fight, reduce the cries, and live our lives as true followers of Jesus. God created every single one of us, (creature and creation). Break the chains all ye people, break the chains… +

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