NAAV 4th Quarter Testimonials

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV)

4th Quarter 2022

Fall/Winter Testimonies

Turning a New Leaf

Fall has begun to take its place in our rearview mirrors. As the sun sets earlier and the cool air waste no time blowing at our door to make room for the presence of winter. What does winter mean? Is it the beginning of cold weather or the end of a warm summer and leaves of color? Winter simply is a new season of its own. It is neither the beginning or ending of temperatures we were used to. Instead winter brings transition; fresh, clear, clean, cozy days inside and a chilly atmosphere. Welcome winter.

The National Association of American Veterans Winter 2022 season of testimonies is upon us. It is time for an adjustment in our gears—up or down. Thank you for traveling this year with us. Although our world has experienced many tragedies, sickness, pain, and loss our hope still out shines the darkness. The work at NAAV never ends. Veterans and their family members reach out to this organization every day, by phone, mailed letters, and email. We receive, we hear, and we do… as much as we can. Your support throughout the year has gone a long way in support of American’s veterans and their loved ones. Thank for turning a new leaf as winter draws upon us with blue skies, white clouds, and colder weather. Please know that our hearts remain warm; our hands remain opened, our eyes are always seeing, and our heartfelt gratitude remains steady. We will share with you, this quarter, as to why.

  • All it takes:

Thank you so much for your gift of $3,420 and over 60-men business
shirts to on December 1, 2022, to help homeless veterans in dire need get from
Central Union Mission, secure shelter, and find employment in Washington, DC.

Thank you for your continued support in helping us put food on the
table and helping them overcome addiction and so much more!
Thank you again for giving during this special time of year, when so
many need your assistance. On behalf of all those who benefit from your
kindness, please accept my deep appreciation for your gift and clothing
donation and Thanksgiving and Christmas meals – and lasting hope!”

Joseph Mettimano, President & CEO, Central Union Mission, Washington,

“Welcome and thank you for becoming a valued partner in the fight to end
hunger in America. For neighbors facing hunger in the District of
Columbia and across the United States, your compassion is a lifeline
during a difficult time. You recognize that hunger can affect anyone.
With your support, Feeding America nationwide network of food banks
helps serve more than 40 million people every year. As a Feeding America
supporter, you are part of the solution, and I could not be more
– Elizabeth Nielson, Feeding America, Chicago, Illinois

  • Fall in with winter gratitude:

“Thanks, NAAV, Inc. you helped SOME remain open every single day, just
as it has for more than 52 years. Your generous support enabled us to
adapt our operations and continue essential human services when people
need them, while ensuring the safety of our clients, volunteers, and
staff. Looking ahead, your investment in SOME will expand affordable
housing options and increase the reach of our robust Whole Person Care
to those in our community that need it the most. Together, we will SAVE
— Ralph Boyd,
President & CEO, SOME, Washington, DC

“Thank you NAAV, Inc. for your emergency assistance this month. Your
continuous support is greatly appreciated and most needed as a caregiver
of my husband a Gulf War disabled veteran. Thanks again.”
— Charles and
Lola Johnson, Glenn Dale, Maryland

“Thank you NAAV for your donation of over (fifty) 50 men business shirts
to our Family Ministry Center on December 1, 2022, in Washington, DC.
Your continued in-kind support for homeless males and veterans is
greatly appreciated.”
— Joseph Mettimano, President & CEO, Central
Union Mission, Washington, DC

  • Share—How we keep rolling with it:

“Thank NAAV Inc., for your gifts and support of the Women Veterans United
Committee, Inc. (WVUCI) with its mental health support for women
veterans and their families in PG County, Maryland. Your support is
greatly appreciated!”
— Dr. JoAnn Fisher, CEO, WVUCI, PG County,

“Thanks, NAAV, Inc. for your gift in support of our efforts in Ukraine
and a possible meeting with President Zelensky. Please pray for me. But
I don’t fear death because my Savior conquered death. I fear disobeying
Him when He asks me to do something great for Him.” Thanks again for
your continued support and prayers.”
— Michael E. Evans, Jerusalem
Prayer Team International, Phoenix. AZ

“Thank you for your care and support for the poor and homeless. Your
partnership makes a difference. Bless you for caring.”
– Joseph
Mettimano, President and CEO, Central Union Mission, Washington, DC

Thank you, NAAV, Inc. for providing financial support for payment of
family’s rent, utility, and food for the month of September 2022. My
husband contacted over thirty organizations with no success until we
called your non-profit organization with much success.  We thank the
LORD God for answering our prayers and NAAV, Inc. Your support is
greatly appreciated.”
– Richard and Brenda Byrd, Cuba, Missouri

  • This year marks the NAAV’s 19th Anniversary, and at this historic time
    you can count on us to do our best and make you proud to be part of
  • Give and it shall be returned: There IS thanks in giving:

NAAV was awarded a Certificate and Sponsorship received from the
Women Veterans United Committee, Inc. received on 1 December 2022. In
addition, NAAV received a small monetary donation in support
of women veterans with mental health and suicidal tendency residing in
DC, Maryland, Virginia, and nationwide

  • Upcoming news: NAAV is in the process of launching a new fundraising website… Stay tuned…
  • Stepping Out—No matter the weather:

NAAV mailed a check for Christmas meals for Homeless Veterans
residing at the Central Union Mission in December. NAAV’s generous monetary gift will
provide Christmas meals and other care for 464 people

  • In Kindness of Receipt:

“Thank you, and God bless you, for allowing our Christmas Challenge to
Double your gift received so even more people can receive help and hope
at this special time of the year. You will be giving men, women,
children and veterans food, shelter, hope and the chance to make a fresh
start this Christmas.”
— Central Union Mission, Joseph Mettimano,
President & CEO, Central Union Mission, Washington, DC

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your gift and in-kind donation to
the Central Union Mission. Your gift is making a difference in the lives
of those we serve. Your gift is a reminder to hurting people that
someone still cares – and many will even experience, through NAAV, God’s
unconditional love for the first time in their lives. And that
experience of unconditional love often leads to new hope that their
lives still matter. That new life is possible. In other words, your
compassion is changing lives. Thank you.
” — Joseph Mettimano, President
and CEO, Central Union Mission, Washington, DC

Thank you, NAAV, Inc. for providing financial support for payment of
family’s rent, utility, and food for the month of September 2022. Your
support is greatly appreciated. My husband contacted over thirty
organizations with no success until we called your nonprofit
organization with much success. We thank the LORD God for answering our
prayers and NAAV, Inc. In addition, my family and I thank you and your
partners at The Home Depot in Osage, Missouri for donating supplies to
be used by selected contractors for window repairs and a new roof for
our fifty-nine-year-old home in Cuba, Missouri. Again, thank you for
your financial support.”
— Richard Byrd, USAF (Ret) Veteran and Brenda Byrd, Cuba, Missouri

This is the kind of support your donations provide to those military
families most in need. We hope that you will support NAAV holiday meals
and emergency assistance needs especially for our nation’s homeless
veterans. Our partners’ meals cost just $2.09 per meal and can change a

  • Take charge this coming winter:

Can we count on your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to provide
Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to homeless men, women and families? It
all helps! Again, thank you in advance for your continued support for
making this holiday season one of hope for many veterans and their
family members in need. To make your donation visit
click on
DONATE TODAY! Thank you.

A Thanksgiving Day Pray Meant for All Seasons

Heavenly Father, thank You for another new day to give praises to You for Your plan of salvation and amazing grace. Thank You for health and blessings, family and friends to share my journey on earth. Each day Lord I am grateful for all your blessings great and small. Lord, please be near me as I start each new day. Today I cast all my cares upon You for You will sustain me. Lord, I know that all things will work together for good for all those who love You and are called according to Your will. In the Lord Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your beloved family.


Constance A. Burns

NAAV received over 5000 calls and emails for emergency assistance, donations, public affairs and 8.4 million visitors to the website in October, November, and December. Your generous monthly financial support is most needed to continue NAAV Community Outreach to those who served and are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces with emergency assistance and words of encouragement 24/7.  To donate visit

Thank you for supporting NAAV and its efforts this year in 2022. We appreciate and recognize all you do both within and outside of this organization. During this Advent season we would also like to wish you and yours a glorious season of reflection, rest, and restoration.

Let us know prepare to enter a New Year, washing away the drain and stains of the old to pick up the refreshments of life that a New Year can bring. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and a safe and blessed 2023!

Kindest regards,

o/b/o Constance A. Burns

CEO/President/Veterans Service Officer

Chair, Board of Directors

NAAV, Inc.,

1725 I Street, NW Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006-2423



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