June–July 2017 Testimonies

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) is pleased to share our most recent Veteran testimonies. As the summer months progress, it warms our heart to bring the gifts of joy, relief, service, and support to our “active and nonactive” nationwide community of military servicemen and servicewomen.
Two Veteran testimonials from May were received by NAAV in early June, but we wanted to make sure that we share those sentiments as well, because feedback is good for everyone. NAAV is honored to serve America’s Veterans and their family members, and we appreciate you just as much as you appreciate us. Your stories and testimonies are truly inspiring. So, thank you for sharing.

Edith and Melvin Wright, May 2017 (disabled American Veteran)
Hi Constance: After lots of rest and talking to Melvin about not worrying, his blood pressure went back to normal. Thank you for those encouraging words and all your prayers. God is good. Thank you for all you have done for me and Melvin, we are grateful. God is good.

Robert “Bob” Neville, May 2017
Good morning, Mrs. Burns: I am eternally grateful for all you are doing with the VA. Thank you and God bless you. Robert Neville

Charlie and Lola Johnson, June 2017 (disabled American Veteran)
First, Charlie and I would like to say thank you to Ms. Constance Burns, to the NAAV, and to the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia, for our weekend retreat. My husband and I went on a much-needed retreat at the National Conference Center. Charlie, a disabled Veteran, was very excited about this trip and looking forward to it. He said, “I love coming here, it’s so peaceful and tranquil to me.” He also said, “It’s my favorite place to rest, my home away from home.” We would like to thank the staff for a job well done. You always exceed our expectations. Our room was superb, you thought of everything. Please give our compliments to your chef, the food was outstanding. Charlie and I want to recognize our waiter, Reggie, who went above and beyond. The next day we were invited to Breakfast and Bingo, what a treat! There was a guest speaker (Minister Russell Jones), who was very interesting. We toured the National and then it was on. BINGO, every man and woman for themselves. The competition was great, the prizes were unbelievable. I needed one more number. Then they call it. I won!! I couldn’t believe it! Our prize, breakfast and a one-night stay at the National. Charlie and I were on cloud nine. Again, we will be staying at our favorite place with breakfast to boot!! Who could ask for anything more!!!
Charlie and I want to say, thank you again for our awesome stay at the National Conference Center, Charlie and Lola Johnson

NAAV paid electric and utility bills for a Veteran and his family who found themselves in need during the hot summer months of June and July. He was overjoyed by NAAV’s generous gesture and contribution, which spared him and his family from having their utilities shut off. He writes:

Good morning, Ms. Burns: I pray all is well. I got your voice message the other day. We haven’t left yet to California, but we will be leaving this Wednesday. We’re trying to make sure everything is in order. We can’t thank you enough for your support! Very respectfully, DS

Over the past five years, through many of your support programs, resources, and determined effort, NAAV has been blessed with the opportunity to serve our nation’s Veterans and their family members in a variety of ways. One of those is through NAAV’s Respite Care Program, which affords Veterans, family members, and caregivers much-needed time to get away from the many pressures that come along with caring for an ill family member or for those who might have physical or mental disabilities or both. We all understand that rest and recovery is important in every trying situation. One of the many recipients of NAAV’s Respite Care Program was afforded a refreshing break at Leesburg’s National Conference Center in June. Below are simple words of thanks and a testimony to the rewards of rest.
Blessings to you, Ms. Burns, I read your writing about the past five years of your organizing, and NAAV has been a tremendous blessing to so many caregivers and Veterans. We thank you so much for all the time and effort you have devoted to us. Through you, we have learned to trust in God and think outside the box. Thank you for caring about us. Lola

In July 2017 NAAV provides assistance from the DC Medical Center’s VSO Benefits Office in Washington, DC, Transition Care and Management Center.

Dear Ms. Burns, I want to thank you for helping me to complete my paperwork for my pension and disability. Your willingness to work with me despite your numerous duties and responsibilities was touching, and I want you to know that I appreciate and recognize your kind gesture. With gratitude, yours, Gregory Robinson

This is Win-Win from both sides as far as NAAV is concerned! Thank you all for your testimonies.

We CAN do more!

NAAV is experienced at giving, that is, giving of its time, resources, and talent. During any given time or season, NAAV is busy at work with boots on the ground providing free services to Veterans, which include, but are not limited to, resume building, job search, and interviewing techniques assistance. These added professional incentives and administrative services are offered by NAAV Adviser William Smith as well as others who relentlessly operate behind the scenes.

Thank you all for your continued support and contributions to the NAAV mission and service to our Veterans and their family members. We could not do half of what we do without you! Please remember NAAV in your financial giving and other contributions this summer and throughout the year. We gladly accept and appreciate your thoughtful generosity!

July’s summer month continues to be warm and generous with gratitude from both sides:

Thank you so very much, Ms. Burns, I hope the e-mail is correct, I really appreciate all the support you have given me. You are a great person indeed, Bob Neville

For more information about NAAV and to donate toward the needs of a Veteran, please visit our website at https://www.naavets.org.

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