January – February Testimonials for 2017

“Thank You” messages received by the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. in February 2017 from North Houston, Texas, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation to Veterans who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces. Here are a few expressions of the thank-yous from postcards received in February from Seeking Unity: Uplifting Words in Division Times.

“To a Veteran, we may not notice your history in our day to day media, but our future is thanks to you. You have the best message to tell, and when and if you are ready to tell them, I would gladly listen.”
—Mandeep Pate, North Houston, TX

“Dear Veteran, I may not know your name, or where you’re from, but I know your dedication, selflessness, and love for our country. I hope you can be reminded of how valued and appreciated your sacrifice is for our country. So, thank you for giving us a place to speak, pray, and love freely. God bless.”
—Maria, Austin, TX

“NAAV thank you for working hard for our Veterans. Thank you for fostering environments that cater to their physical and mental health needs. Thank you for giving Veterans a voice, a face, and a home. The world need organizations like yours to care for those who need it in a time of great division and negativity.”
—Dakota Stormers, North Houston, TX

“To the Veterans and NAAV, I am not in favor of war. The idea of killing it seems like an inevitable reality of our world. The greatest gift you have given is time—yours to me. I thank you for the nightmares endured, friends lost, weary hills, and lonely return home. I can only offer my prayers. I pray God grants you peace, in your duty, your pain and your hope. You are my hero.”
—S. Thomas, North Houston, TX

“To a Veteran, thank you for all you have done and the sacrifices you have made. My father was a Veteran so I understand second hand how hard it was to come back to civilization. I hope you are treated with the respect and admiration you deserve.” Author unknown, North Houston, TX

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