Institute of Trauma Recovery Advisory Board

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) Constance A. Burns, president, chief executive officer, and veterans’ service officer was appointed in 2021 to serve on the Advisory Board at the Institute of Trauma Recovery at the University of North Carolina in November of 2021.  

The Institute of Trauma Recovery at the University of North Carolina is assembling an Advisory Board to provide live experiences expertise to help inform clinical trials for rapid prevention of acute stress reactions and PTSD after a traumatic event.  Some examples for lived experiences are project advisors with lived Traumatic Brain Injury, a provider or therapist who works with research groups in other capacities, some who has a family member of brain injury or trauma patient to talk about family member perspective, or a non-profit representative who has experience disseminating data and info to the groups who need it.

Lived Experience Advisors will help inform decisions regarding study design to ensure the results of the study reach the people who need them the most.  The proposal is to fund a 4-year project leveraging existing AURORA data to determine diagnostic and predictive markers that identify individuals with or without traumatic brain injuries.  If the project is funded, the Advisory Board will be essential to a successful study design.  Funding for these opportunities will be announced in April 2022.  For more information, contact Jasmine Albarghsh, Research Assistant, Institute of Trauma Recovery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, email:


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