GI Bill Report

Just released! Please see the attached report on the economic outcomes
of the GI Bill for enlisted veterans. The press release includes the key
findings, such as:

* More than half of eligible enlisted military veterans used GI Bill
benefits to pay for their higher education between 2009 and 2019.

* Veterans’ college completion rate was _double _that of other
financially independent students nationally.

* And much more!

This report uniquely incorporates economic outcomes and earning data
from the IRS, and included the additional data collaboration of VA, DOD,
ED, and the Census Bureau.

William Hubbard
Vice President for Veterans & Military Policy

Veterans Education Success
H: 703-379-3822 | C: 847-987-7400

www.VetsEdSuccess.Org [1]


GI Bill Report – Press Release

GI Bill Outcomes Report – Final Embargoed (Feb 15 – 4 PM ET)

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