Four Job Alternatives to Get Employed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been a hard hit for most companies. For that reason, many people lost their jobs. Dealing with things like paying the bills and buying groceries became stressful.

Finding a job during the pandemic can be hard, as moving from one place to another is impossible because of isolation measurements. With this in mind, many started to use their free time to learn new skills that could allow them to work from home.

Under those circumstances, if you are currently unemployed and you are looking to get hired, here are some job alternatives that will help you get a new job during the pandemic.

Cybersecurity Specialists

Nowadays, organizations use data to make important decisions, innovate their products, and improve their processes. With this in mind, it’s essential to point out that data is becoming the new gold. Under those circumstances, the demand for tech talents like cybersecurity specialists has increased as organizations need to keep their information safe.

In the same way, it’s important to point out that cybersecurity specialists can work remotely. Given that, they are becoming indispensable for companies during the pandemic. A Cybersecurity specialist is responsible for identifying systems’ vulnerabilities and managing possible cyberattacks. For that reason, they’re capable of not only keeping companies’ information secure but also improving their security methods.

Learning cybersecurity skills will help you to attract employers’ attention. However, cybersecurity specialists have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Under those circumstances, you’ll have to deal with stressful situations.

At Flatiron School, you can learn cybersecurity skills in only 16 weeks. As a result, you’ll be capable of setting traps and catching any threat actor that could try to steal information. In the same way, at Flatiron School, you will learn analytical skills to stay one step ahead over other competitors.

Additionally, it’s important to highlight that Flatiron School provides its students with private career coaching sessions and mock interviews. For that reason, students will be able to launch a lifelong career in cybersecurity.

Generally speaking, if you believe that you have the tenacity required to become a cybersecurity specialist, you’ll be able to increase your job opportunities and get hired during the pandemic.

UX/UI Designers

After the coronavirus outbreak, customers began to use more digital platforms to fill their needs and complete their everyday tasks. As a result, the demand for sophisticated applications and products increased. With this in mind, it’s vital to say that nowadays, customers have higher standards.

To meet customers’ requirements, organizations needed to hire tech talents like UX/UI designers that could help them reshape the market. If you want to land a new job, you can learn UX/UI design skills. 

UX/UI designers often work together with web developers and mobile developers on team projects. Given that, having communication skills is fundamental to complete projects on time and meet deadlines. Also, they need a lot of creativity to create visually-appealing designs and interactive interfaces to make customers feel engaged.

Under those circumstances, if you think that UX/UI designers’ responsibilities match with your personality, you can learn designing skills at App Academy. The company offers a full stack development course that will allow you to learn in-demand programming languages like JavaScript and HTML. You’ll be capable of creating dynamic websites that will catch customers’ attention.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to build a portfolio of individual projects completed during the course. Consequently, employers will be attracted as they will be able to see your abilities. Becoming a UX/UI designer will increase your job opportunities as you’ll be able to work from home during the pandemic.

Digital Marketers

During isolation, digital marketers played a key role as they helped organizations increase their sales. It’s because they were capable of planning advanced marketing strategies to attract and retain more customers. Nowadays, they are fundamental for companies as they have changed the way organizations advertise.

Using digital marketing strategies to reach audiences allows companies to interact with prospective customers. As a result, companies can learn what their expectations are as well as know their requirements. With this in mind, organizations will be able to plan better strategies that could catch their attention.

Learning digital marketing skills is as easy as enrolling in Thinkful’s online bootcamp. The company offers many digital marketing courses where you’ll learn job-ready skills in only three months. In the same way, at Thinkful, students receive help from a career support team that will help them thrive in the digital marketing industry.

After graduation, you’ll be ready to land any qualifying job and start a new path in digital marketing. Given that, you’ll be able to not only pay the bills but also change your way of life.

Quality Assurance Engineers

As customers’ requirements are higher, the demand for high-quality code is increasing. For that reason, quality assurance engineers have had the task of checking and evaluating other developers’ code to ensure it meets specific standards. 

Nowadays, QA engineers are fundamental for organizations to run. It’s because they are capable of delivering high-quality applications that could provide customers unique experiences. QA engineers are responsible for coding automated tests to discover any bug or problem within a program. For that reason, the job role is made for those who eat and breathe code.

Learning QA skills will make your days of looking for a job much easier. It’s because today’s employers are always in a hunt for tech talents with QA skills in their skillset. According to Glassdoor, a QA engineer can earn, on average, $101K per year at Amazon, making it one of the most well-paid jobs these days.


As can be seen, tech talents are in-demand during these tough times. It’s because they have helped companies to move forward and survive during the pandemic. Learning programming skills or switching careers will help you to land a new job these days. Under those circumstances, if you’re looking to get over unemployment, there is no time to waste.

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