Financial Coaching

The NSA Bethesda Fleet & Family Support Center (Bethesda, Maryland) offers accredited financial counselors to provide assistance on a financial topic of your choice for free.  Financial topics include the following:  Credit Reports and Credit Scores; Car Buying; Investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds); Home Buying; Federal Service Retirement Planning; Military Retirement Planning; Identity Theft Protection; Basic Budgeting; Insurance Planning (Life, health, disability and long term care); College Planning; Survivor Benefit Plans; Thrift Savings Plan (TSP); Open Season Elections; Holiday Spending Plans; Security Clearing Budgeting; Military Separation Capstone; and Teaching Kids About Money.


NSA Bethesda Fleet & Family Support Center provides free financial resources and answers to help with:

  1. Analyzing your credit report or credit scores
  2. Discussing your investments and retirement (TSP) options
  3. Creating a budget/spending plan
  4. Developing a game plan for working through sticky debt problems
  5. Preparing a financial action plan for separating or retiring
  6. Working up a detailed savings plan for a major purchase (house or car)


For more information or to schedule financial coaching for yourself or business, please contact

Steve Harris (301) 400-2413; email:; Brian Pampuro (301) 400-2414; email:; or Lee Acker (301) 295-5081; email:


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