Do You Have A Relationship with the LORD God?

The LORD God created man and woman to have a relationship with each other, with Himself and His beautiful creation to see and enjoy all the beautiful things around us. Humanity’s sins separated us from the LORD God and turned a loving relationship into one filled with disobedience and hate. (Romans 5:10) But the LORD our God through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ reached down to deliver humanity from sin and death because He wants to restore His relationship with humankind. Therefore, the LORD God through Jesus Christ created a bridge that allows humanity an opportunity to relate and to speak to Him.

To have a relationship with another you must have knowledge of the other person. Our obedience, love and service to the LORD God comes when we know more about God as our creator who love and care for us. We can get to know the Lord God through knowing Jesus Christ, and His death and resurrection that gives us direct access to the LORD God, God the Father. Now we can know the LORD God and the Lord Jesus Christ in two ways:

  • Through the Word of God
  • Through the work of the Holy Spirit Living in each believer born of the water and of the Spirit.

Scripture Verses for Meditation

“Thus says the LORD: Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in his might, nor let the rich man glory in his riches; but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight, says the LORD.” (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” (John 17:3)

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4)

“The Lord God is a Spirit who wants to relate to His creation and humanity.
(Matthew 28:19: 2 Corinthians 13:14; Ephesians 4:4-6; Titus 3:4-6)

“When He had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him. And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying, ‘This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’” (Matthew 3:16-17)

When we are trying to understand God, we must remember that He is transcendent and infinite. He transcends far beyond our knowledge and imagination. This means that we have limits to how far our understanding of the LORD our God can go. For the LORD God is above and far beyond the universe He created. (Psalm 13:1; 22:24)

The Lord God is infinite means His knowledge and understanding is far beyond our standards.

“I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.” (Job 42:2)

“Who does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number.” (Job 5:9)

“But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You. How much less this temple which I have built!” (1 Kings 8:27)

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.” (Psalm 145:3)


Heavenly Father, touch me with your peace and help me to walk daily in your footsteps. Help me to treat everyone kindly, fairly and thoughtfully. Help me to understand your purpose for my life you have given we. Help me to trust in You and Your will for me on earth. Lord this is the day you have made help me to rejoice and be glad in it. Lord God You are my refuge and strength and my help in when I am in trouble. Please give your angels charge over all of us this day and night. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture verses are taken from the New King James Version of the Holy Bible.

By Constance A. Burns, NAAV Contributor for Moments of Meditation and Spiritual Readings; email:

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