August 2017 Testimonial

The National Association of American Veterans

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August 2017 Testimonial


Where has the summer gone?  Students are going back to school and the coolness of the impending fall season is in the air. Summer heat is slowly dissipating, but the joy and warmth of sharing our mission with veterans and their family members is what keeps the National Association of American Veteran’s spirit alive no matter the season.

NAAV is happy to share a few more late summer testimonies with you as we can not express our sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed their time, effort, monetary giving, and talent with our organization throughout this year. Notes and letters we receive from veterans and their family members because of the support you/we all provide is humbling to say the least.

Now, even more than ever veterans need our support and are truly blessed by your continued generosity. That is why NAAV is so proud and eager to share testimonies with you every month, because you are a part of the positive re-enforcement to our veterans and positive rewards.

  • NAAV provided rental assistance for disabled US Air Force Veteran, James Larck, who was at risk of homelessness due to his disability. However, NAAV intervened along with the Air Warrior Courage Foundation on August 28, 2017.  NAAV also provided support for phone, utilities, gas and food for Mr. Larck. (West Hollywood, CA)
  • NAAV provided rental assistance and employment assistance for Andre Pullins of Indianapolis, IN in August 2017.
  • NAAV provided funds for a rental deposit and financial support for moving expenses to disabled homeless veterans William Craig and Cyndi Gardner and their family of two in Hattiesburg, MS.
  • NAAV provided assistance with housing through Veterans Affairs along with transportation, food financial assistance for Augusto Willard of Homestead, Florida.   Mr. Willard in currently homeless seeking permanent housing in Homestead, FL.

“Thank you NAAV for your financial assistance and continued support for permanent housing.” – Augusto Willard, Homestead, FL

  • Testimonial of Robert Thomas March a Veteran of Altamonte Springs,
    (*Received Aug 7, 2017)

    “Thanks NAAV for providing emergency assistance referrals to help me with
    rental assistance and also for paying my utilities including my phone
    I am currently seeking employment and your assistance is greatly
    appreciated.  Thanks again.  I look forward to help your organization
    when I am employed.”  God blessings.

NAAV provides volunteer support to veterans:

In case you didn’t know, here are few other programs and services NAAV provides for Veterans and their family members – At the DC VA Medical Center in Washington, DC every Second and Third Monday in each month, NAAV serves by providing assistance to veterans with VA Claims and Benefits including pro bono legal assistance with the VA Appeal process.


  • I thank the Lord I was sent to the DC VA Medical Center with my husband Marco a Veteran who has been missing for 27 years since 1992. I thank God for Ms. Burns, and the NAAV for all their assistance in filing for my husband’s benefits.  I thank NAAV for all the caregiving information including respite care provided during my first visit to their office.  I thank my heavenly Father for finding my husband and giving him back to me.”  I am so very grateful for all the support I am receiving to help me be a good caregiver for my beloved husband!”  – Bernadette O., Caregiver and Spouse, Washington, DC


  • “Thank you NAAV for providing pro bono legal assistance in support of my denial of benefits. Your services with VA Claims and Benefits is greatly appreciated.”  – Uzziah H., Woodridge, VA


  • “Thanks, NAAV for the best assistance I have had for Claims and Benefits. I’ve been trying to receive assistance for at least 15 years, and today on August 21, 2017 I am giving all the credit to my heavenly Father with many best wishes to Ms. Burns.” – Mary L., Washington, DC


  • “Thanks, NAAV for helping with the completion of my VA Disability Compensation Appeal Process.” Your support and professional assistance in on my behalf is appreciated.”  – Pamela B., Annapolis, Maryland


August Testimonies continue to pour back into the NAAV mailbox from individuals who have received assistance and support over the past few months:

Good evening Ms. Burns, and thank you for your email.

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know my father and I have been working on his paperwork and getting our letters together.

He just read me his rough draft on the phone and I read mine. Not a dry eye between the two us from California to Colorado. 

 One of the questions we both have that we were hoping you could answer is to whom should we address our letters?

He will be scanning me his bills, income paperwork, etc. tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your assistance and the generous time you provided to me and to my father over the telephone.

 We look forward to being in contact with you soon. Kind regards, California resident


Thanks to all of you, NAAV serves others as a gift that keeps on giving because together, “we can and do make it happen.”  Please continue supporting the NAAV mission as we provide much needed aid and assistance to our Nations veterans and their family members. Remember, giving in any amount or in any area of your service goes a long way and is appreciated beyond measure.


Thank you kindly,


CEO and President

NAAV, Inc.,

Washington, DC

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