4th Quarter Testimonials (Oct. Nov. Dec. 2023)

Weathering: Don’t be S.A.D.~


I will repeat this phrase: The end of one thing is the beginning of another. Welcome to the National Association of American Veteran’s (NAAV) Inc., change over from fall to the beginning of winter in our 4th Quarter Testimonial. Last posting for the year 2023.

A time to reflect: Although fall may be, in my opinion, the best season of the year, it can be met by some as the beginning of sadness and depression. The onslaught of this effect is often attributed to a season of change. Sadness and depression are very real emotional effects and are not always associated with one’s state of mind or external experience, for example financial strain, family turmoil, loss of a loved one or job. Instead, the cloud of sadness of low mood in spirit is an effect that sort of blows in like the wind, in a sense and affects some more than others.

And so, I will repeat: As the seasons in nature change, so too the seasons of our lives. Some things we can control, while others we cannot. The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. has been here to support our Veterans and their family members through this entire year, and we’d like to finish strong as December ends. Nothing that many Veterans and their families are still suffering, are still in need, and still require support, NAAV stands in the gap with eyes and heart wide open. Our hands are here to give what we can, and our ears are opened to hear every voice in our realm.

This end-of-year testimonies hope to show our partners, providers, and participants of this organizations 20th year of spreading our mission of “caring for those who gave so much” with another last minute to affirm, “it is better to give than to receive.” NAAV has a few 4th quarter, year-end testimonies to share and to recognize those of you who have supported our mission for the past 12 months.

Repeating once more: Although, the type of endings in-store vary from the end of a financial crisis, to finding a place of security after loss, and restoration after a time of hardship, the one thing evident through it all is that it is/ it was only “for a season,” so try not to be so S.A.D. as we are all in the mist of “weathering through the seasons.”

Testimonials: My dear October ~ November is near ~ December is here~

Year-end closing: December Testimony-

“…Hello, my name is Tammie B. I am a veteran a part of OIF
operations of the US Army.

I received assistance from the National Association of American
Veterans, Inc. with not only an expense I needed assistance with but
also gave me resources to reach out to for additional assistance. Thank
you so much for all you do for the military and veteran personnel.

Over this past year, NAAV has received many testimonials from Veterans and family members whose lives you have touched through your prayers, service, and giving. This 4th Quarter Testimonial posts a few highlights from those who received:

Thank you.

Ring in the bells

  • NAAV followed through to support a family in need of housing assistance:
  • “Thank you NAAV, Inc. for assistance with housing for me and my three
    daughters residing in Vermont. We have been homeless for over three years
    and we are seeking your assistance in locating house and/or trailer home
    for as soon as possible. Thank you, NAAV for contacting Jerry Stock at
    Remex for housing support in Vermont and New Hampshire area.” -Dennis and
    Family, Retired U.S. Navy Veteran, White River Junction, Vermont
  • NAAV ensures the lights stay on: [Be] the change!
  • “Thanks, NAAV, Inc. for ensuring that my utilities stayed on in July
    2023 and also securing support from my Utilities Company in Orlando,
    Florida. Your financial support is greatly appreciated!” – Leila
    Murray, Widow of Navy Veteran, Orlando, FL
  • Hope Restored – Reflection:
  • In January and February NAAV provided emergency assistance to James Wheat, Jr. and family members with three rooms of furniture in Lexington, Kentucky. Sometime life brings on unexpected situations. At the moment they seem to overwhelm us and set us into a spin of hopelessness. Where does one turn in times like these?

Thankfully, NAAV was there for the Wheat family during their time of unexpected devastation to their home, property, and normality of life. Uprooted by a fire and loss of valuable items, and comforts of home. After seeking other resources to no avail, the Wheat family fell into a blessed field of hope upon reaching out to NAAV. James Wheat told his story and NAAV not only listened but provided financial assistance and a home of furnishings… Hope restored.

  • Thanks, NAAV, Inc. and Bob’s Discount Furniture Foundation for your
    financial support and professional assistance given to me and my family
    at a critical time in our life. Our house should be ready to move into
    again after the 27 of April 2023. Again, thank you NAAV, Inc. and its
    partners and donors for making this possible. — James L. Wheat, U.S.
    Army (Retired), Lexington, KY

  • Status check: Message from NAAV CEO and President~

Greetings from the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV), during the 4th Quarter, NAAV received over 500 calls including emails for emergency assistance and help with mortgage, rent, utilities, food, motel fees, and transportation.

In addition, NAAV received over 300 requests for assistance from calls for VA Claims and Benefits assistance to financial, support with housing for homelessness to food, medical, utility, and transportation needs. Your support is urgently needed before the end of this year and beyond. Please donate today for our service men and women or have served and are serving in the Armed Forces throughout our nation. NAAV also assists disabled Veterans and their dependents with homeownership through our partners at Habitat for Humanity and Building Homes for Heroes nationwide. We cannot do this without you.

Tis the season to give~ Can NAAV count on your monthly Support?

Hundreds have given online contributions via NAAV’s website and US mail. Caregivers of Veterans and over 1,000 households have been equipped to help their loved ones who served in the wars in the Middle East and prior wars thus raising up their standards to a resilient quality of life.

To ensure we are able to keep up the request for assistance, you can send your donation, of any amount, payable to: NAAV, Inc., c/o Chief Executive Officer 1725 I Street, NW Suite 300 (Third Floor), Washington, DC 20006-2423, by 31 December 2023. Remember, NAAV is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, so whatever you give can be used as a tax deduction. For whatever reason you choose to give, NAAV truly appreciates your support.

You may also donate online at www.naavets.org click on (donate today). If you have questions, we can be reached at (202) 465-3296 or email: info@naavets.org. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many blessed experiences during this “most wonderful time of the year,” holiday season.

An added note from NAAV’s CEO and President~

We believe that our program and services could make an unprecedented impact moving forward by having the potential to reach more than 5,000 disabled Veterans per year through our service and having a program director whose primary appointment would be the overall management and coordination of homeownership activities.”

Best holiday wishes,


Making seasons bright ~ Continuing from last quarter is a cheerful reminder to “let us not forget to [BE] kind to ourselves, each other, and our environment.”

The 2023 CFC Campaign still running. This year’s theme is: “GIVE HAPPY” began September 1, 2023 and runs through January 15, 2024, we ask that you “be” willing to reflect “the face of change…” Just like the four seasons have meaning and purpose, so do each of you when it comes to serving others. Imagine your face as one of the many.

CFC.org ®

NAAV’s CFC number is 85065 “Caring About Those Who Served.”

To our dear friends, family, and partners, lets remain vigilant in making a difference in the lives of others; however big or small. Thank you for [BE]ing kind and humble as a Bee.

May this season be merry and bright, not sad and lonely. Continue to follow more of NAAV’s 4th quarter messaging in our 4th quarter edition of the NAAV Newsletter that will feature more about the winter season of S.A.D. “Entering into the S.A.D. season?”

Warm and cheerful regards,

Constance A. Burns

Founder, President, and CEO

National Association of American Veterans, Inc.

Washington, DC 20006

***Wishing you and all yours a winter wonderland of love, peace, and joy!

For unto us a Child is born… Unto us a Son is given…” Isaiah 9:6*

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