1st Quarter Testimonials (Jan. Feb. Mar. 2024)

Into the New

Sailing into 2024

Like a school of fish, we follow a pattern. A pattern of uniformity, loyalty, and purpose. This year, 2024, The National Association of American Veterans is maintaining its course as a “fisher of men.” Veterans and their family members are waiting in the depths—in the depths of monetary crisis, homelessness, medical and housing needs, loss of transportation and sometimes the depths of hopelessness. 2024 swam in with the same undercurrent as last year carrying along with it a school of unfinished business and some added debris. NAAV has testimonies depicting the old is actually no different from the new. Instead, the new may only have a different undertow. Waves are breaking and the lives of people are still being washed ashore. NAAV would like you to come along side us to aid with the pickup. We want to get right down to stating: Our veterans need your help. Let us cast our nets wide and bring the boat ashore.

We start out this year with a few reminders as to why we sail on in our mission and ask everyone to join us as “fishers of men” in the service of our veterans and their family members.

Blessed are merciful for they shall be shown mercy… and, blessed are the meek /or/ humble for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:3-12)

Welcome to the National Association of American Veterans, 2024 New Year’s testimonials.

  • January slow: showers fell down in-kind acts of partnerships to help a veteran family.
  • February’s show: NAAV fulfills the need.
    • Mary Royster, U.S. Navy disabled veteran, Glenn Dale, Maryland is very thankful and grateful as she relaxes in her new donated recliner.

She writes: “Thank you, National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) and Bob’s Discount Furniture Store Foundation, Inc. for your assistance in helping me get a recliner that I so desperately needed after a Triple Bypass of the heart this year.”

  • March into spring: NAAV helps to recover documents and provide added guidance to acquire more information with assistance from a Benefits Counselor
    • Initial letter – Request for Information- from Mr. Guenzer: I got your E-Mail-address from a member of the German Bundeswehr. He thinks that you might be able to help me with my case. My name is Dixy Dagmar Guenzer. I live in Germany, and I am 75 years old. My father was an American soldier. After the WW II he was in Germany for a while.
      There he met my mother. The product is me.

      He was born: 26.03.1920 in Hyden, Kentucky and died: 09.03.1950 in
      Bell County, Kentucky He was drafted on 08/20/1941 at Fort Knox, Kentucky and discharged 12/11/1945 as Sergeant at Fort Thomas (no longer exists)
      His Service Number: AF 1506 75 82, Service Branch: Air Corps, Unit:
      1550th S.C.U. Hq Section From January 1945 until September 1945 he was deployed in the India-Burma conflict (there are documents on this). He is also said to
      have been on a ship off Greenland (but this information is not
      reliable). Now the “crucial question”: How and why he came to the

    • Rhein-Main-Airbase in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and what did he do
      there (possibly as a civilian employee?).

      My mother worked on the Rhein-Main-Airbase from 03rd of November,
      1947 until 24th of March 1949.

      If you can give information in this case, please let me know. I would
      be glad to find out the last pin in my overly complex family

The following is a testimony of love, courage, hope, and loss is also a testimony of plea that you will not only read but feel. We hope it moves you into some small form of action:

And this is only part of the story –

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) estimates that

approximately 18.8 million veterans reside in the U.S. with 4.8 million veterans with

disabilities; 1.1 million veterans with mental health issues, and 37.2 thousand homeless

veterans between the ages of 19 and 70. The resulting impact on our community and

healthcare system, cost of care for eventual complications, and related illness and

mortality is alarming.

Making a Difference

In November and December 2020, NAAV, Inc. received ninety original paintings

and artworks donated by Rose Marie Mikolajczyk-Baker, Photojournalist, Freelance

Writer, and Artist, and an award-winning artist invited twice to the Winner’s Circle Show

in Fort Myers, Florida. Rose Marie was born in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, in May 1934.

On March 17, 1972, Rose Marie Mikolajczyk married Lieutenant Colonel Richard D. Baker of the U.S. Army Air Corps, in Florida where he retired and later worked at the Pentagon. He died in

1975 at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. In 2000, Rose Marie moved

from Somerset, Kentucky and twenty years later, she moved to the City Center Senior

Facility in Decatur, Alabama. However, in 2021, Rose Marie moved to Florida with her

son and family due to her failing health after her second leg was amputated in 2021.

In 2020, Rose Marie Mikolajczyk-Baker contacted Constance A. Burns, Founder,

President and Chief Executive Officer for the National Association of American

Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) about donating ninety of her original artworks for NAAV

Fundraising Campaign in support of NAAV programs and services that funds for our

nation’s service members, disabled veterans and their caregivers and family members

most in need nationwide. Your generous gift will help meet veteran’s critical emergency

needs with their rental, housing, food, legal, claims and benefits assistance.

Can NAAV count on your financial support and professional assistance in locating major

donors and sponsors to donate $250,000, $500,000, $1 million or more in support of our

nation’s service members, veterans, their caregivers, and family members? Donors or

sponsors who can donate the amount given above will be able to select one of Rose

Marie’s paintings and artworks with copyright agreement from NAAV, Inc. Your support

or gift makes a powerful impact on the lives of our nation’s service members, veterans,

and their families nationwide.

Please know that all this is possible when you give and encourage others to give. Your

gift today will have an amazing impact on disabled veterans, homeless veterans, and their

families nationwide. Your donation in any amount will also support veterans who need

access to meaningful employment, housing, education, and healthcare. All donations to

NAAV, Inc. are tax-deductible to the extent of federal and local law.

To donate visit: www.naavets.org click on DONATE TODAY! Thank you.

Can NAAV count on your monthly Support?

You can send your donation payable to: NAAV, Inc., c/o Chief Executive Officer, 1725 I Street, NW Suite 300 (Third Floor), Washington, DC 20006-2423
Or you may donate online at 
www.naavets.org click on (donate today). If you have questions, we can be reached at (202) 465-3296 or email: info@naavets.org. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your continued support and prayers!

In the first three months of this new year, because of caring friends like you, more than one million Veterans from across this nation contacted NAAV’s corporate office for our listing of emergency financial aid resources and referrals. Hundreds have given online contributions via NAAV’s website and US mail. Caregivers of Veterans in over five thousand households have been equipped to help their loved ones who served in the wars in the Middle East and prior wars to a resilient quality of life.

Remember, your contribution makes a difference in the lives of those recovering from severe injuries and disabilities nationwide. We believe that our programs and services will make an unprecedented impact by donors. We look forward to hearing from you in 2024. God bless you.

NAAV’s CFC number is 85065 “Caring About Those Who Served.”

CFC.org ®

In closing, a sneak peak:

We thank you for sailing into the New Year with us and look forward to a “fantastic voyage” moving forward. Below is a snapshot of artwork by Ms. Rose Marie… Canvas #9. Enjoy the beauty of the blues and let it take you there!


We hope, trust, and pray that your new year’s adventure carries you into an overflowing sea of kindness and love.

Resurrection Day blessings and Kindest regards,

Constance A. Burns

Founder, CEO, President, and Veterans Service Officer

National Association of American Veterans, Inc.

1725 I Street, NW Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006-2423

Office: (202) 465-3296

Email: info@naavets.org

Website: www.naavets.org click on DONATE TODAY! Thank you.

CFC #85065 “Caring About Those Who Served”

Visit: www.GIVECFC.org to donate. Thank you.

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