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The National Association of American Veterans (NAAV) is a Founding Partner of the Veterans History Project (VHP). On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, VHP Director Col. Robert Patrick, Retired United States Veteran, was schedule to appear on “Washington DC’s NBC4 Midday News to discuss his experiences during his 10 years at the helm of VHP. This discussion also included VHP’s “recent and upcoming outreach efforts, including how to honor veterans this Memorial Day by interviewing community and family members who have served.”

On this Memorial Day, 2016, NAAV celebrates its proud association with VHP. In short, for more than “10 years” VHP has been the source of many collectable military artifacts. To date VHP “contains over 100,000 collections of oral history interviews, photographs, letters, memoirs and other primary sources. Hundreds of researchers have taken advantage of the wealth of information VHP has preserved to create books, articles, films and many other scholarly works.”

For more information about VHP and the Library of Congress’s mission to enlighten those interested in military history and the service of our men and women who proudly served and who are still serving to preserve the rights and freedom of Americans and the Nation we call home, please visit If you are interested in sharing a story, program, news or other events with VHP, NAAV and the LoC encourage you to forward your email to and put VHP RSS Story within the subject line.

To our friends and partners: Thank you for your continued support to the NAAV organization as well as your kind respect and honor to those who serve in the Armed Forces and towards our veterans and their family members.

As always and particularly on this Memorial Day weekend celebration: We salute the group of individual who have made and continue to make our freedom as U.S. citizens possible. Our country is indebted—“let freedom ring!” THANK YOU!

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c/o Constance A. Burns
President and CEO
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*Sourced information regarding VHP was quoted from the Library of Congress ©

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