The National Association of American Veterans August and September 2019 Testimonials

Leaf me Bee and let me Sea the beauty of a Ewe inside the Tree.

I No your words, because I Herd you Fly very Hi to say good day and Bye.


Just a simple play on words to show that we can mix and match even words to express meaning . . . Our seasons are no different. We each can gain some memorable experience from them all captured through our sight, sound, smell, or touch.

Welcome to the start of a new season!

The National Association of American Veterans

August and September 2019 Testimonials

This time of year the warm breeze of summer makes its way down our path throughout the weeks. As summer comes to an end, we must remind ourselves that fall awaits in its shadows. Although this summer the temperatures have been quite hot, that is, upper 80s to low 90s, we could be in for a beautiful Indian summer this fall. Notice the trees have already begun to show signs that they are ready to transition.

However, the National Association of American Veterans has no intentions to retreat. Instead, these past few months have been, once again, filled with the pleasurable work of supporting our American Veterans and their family members. Please journey with us as we take a step back to see how this summer is winding down in anticipation of keeping up with the fall leaves ready to blanket our walkways and a blast of colors ready to entertain our daily sights.

A few August and September NAAV proud happenings, thanks to your support, facilitation, monetary donations, and continued prayers:

  • Emergency assistance provided by NAAV, Inc. to Sandra Depew, widow of
    deceased Veteran in Festus, Missouri.
  • Utility assistance provided to Thomas Moore of Hampton, Virginia, with
    in-kind help from Dominion Energy Corporate Office of nearly $1,000.
  • Emergency assistance provided by NAAV, Inc. to Wayne Shiesley of New
  • Benefit and claims assistance provided to thirty-five Veterans and
    their families nationwide.
  • Widow of deceased Veteran survivor benefits assistance provided to six
    widows and one mother of a deceased Veteran in Rockville, Maryland.
  • Over 500 calls for emergency assistance that received NAAV
    resources and referrals most in need in CA, NJ, NY, TX, GA, NC,
    FL, AZ, MD, DC, VA, MS, MO, NV, AR, TX, and SC.
  • NAAV gave a financial donation to the Army Community Services Center
    in support of their Pantry for Service Members and their families
    residing at Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

More pleasantries filtering in through the end of summer sunsets: In August, NAAV assisted in securing a two-year lease agreement for a Gulf and Iraq War disabled Veteran and his family members, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner and their three children . . . A true testimony of blessed assurance:

Thought you would like to see this but this is the full signed lease for us for the next two years to expire in September of 2021. We signed it and I emailed it back to them to be notarized but we have several copies here with us that we’re going to take by the schools for the kids later on so they’ll have them. Thanks for your help again.
Cynthia Gardner

NAAV worked with the Property Manager and the VA Housing Voucher Program Manager to ensure their two-year lease was renewed.

In addition, NAAV fulfilled an order of inspirational reading material for the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and, as a response, received the following message:

Greetings Ms. Burns,

We have gratefully received all booklets and bibles. Thank you very much for your gracious gifts and the information that will serve as a blessing to so many. At this time we now have material to last quite a while. I trust you are well and pray God’s best in your constant efforts to better the lives of our service members and their families.
Chaplain Metzger

Oh, but there is more:

  • NAAV paid $ and gave a tax-deductible to the car repair shop for over $600 toward the in-kind contribution on behalf of disabled Veteran Clinton Duane Bennett of Manvel, TX. The total bill was more than $1,000. The Veteran paid a monetary portion and was able to secure monetary contribution for another sponsor, bring the total over $1500. Mr. Bennett was recovering from injuries received on the job and is currently receiving worker’s compensation.

NAAV also received a wonderful blessing last week, which will go toward our continued support for NAAV’s mission to server those who have given so much—American Veterans and their family member. So to acknowledge TD Charitable Foundation’s contribution in August 2019, thank you so much for a check in the amount of $5,000. “This contribution will be a tremendous help in support of those who served and are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces worldwide,” says NAAV CEO and President Constance Burns.

It’s all falling into place: NAAV paid over $500 to Christian Brothers Automotive in Houston, Texas, on car repairs for a military veteran. There was a remaining balance of $200 as the other portion was negotiated by NAAV’s CEO and President, and the owners, Christian Brothers Automotive, graciously took off toward a donation made on the Veteran service member’s behalf.

This is a great announcement: It gets better as NAAV has a new sponsor . . .


The above picture shows four new shirts given to disabled Veteran William L. Davenport, U.S. Army, residing at the Senior Living Facility at Forest Hills of DC, Washington, DC, from the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. and its sponsor Charles Tyrwhitt at Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

Men’s support and clothing drive brings it home to an appreciative community. Here is a short excerpt:

We were able to collect over 100+ ties, 35+ dress shirts, 15 suits and assemble over 70+
men toiletry bags. This was an awesome event and we could not have done it without your support and contributions.

After the completion of the event, we decided to take the show on the road to Minnesota Ave. SE and Benning Rd. SE. We were met by so many people that were super happy we had come. They greeted and thanked us for all the support. We even had our very own Pastor Kip Banks of the
East Washington Heights Baptist Church with us to lead prayer sessions with all who desired it. It was a very impactful day!

With regards, Kelvin Brown

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