Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone.  Many reserve it only for those who have fought in foreign wars or have been in a violent situation.  PTSD has been occurring more frequently over the past few decades among individuals of all ages, and all experiences.


It may be said that PTSD may not just occur from a singular traumatic experience; however, it may occur because of a very prolonged exposure to stress, in what many experiencing addiction faces.   Journey Pure offers trauma-informed care for individuals who require healing from any area or type of traumatic past, whether it is physical, sexual, emotional, experiential, or social.




Extensive research has gone into different forms of psychotherapy to help an individual to uncover the impact that these events have had on their life, with the assistance of trained and licensed professional.  Family therapy can be vital for the loved ones and the individual.  Family therapy allows both the loved ones and the individual to heal together, and to gain more clarity and understanding in identifying, accepting, and finding compassion to promote healing.


Support Groups


Most sufferers with PTSD feel isolated, helpless, and alone.  They may feel stuck in their situation, with on one who can understand or help them, as they are aware of the pain and challenge is in their mind.  Having a supportive and understanding network of people to talk to in hard times is helpful in finding the ability to be vulnerable, to feel that you are loved, and that you are not alone.  There are support groups everywhere for individuals with every sort of traumatic experience imaginable.  Finding a network of professionals that not only understands what you have been though but who has also found a way out of the darkness is important in feeling worthwhile to continue moving through your pain.


Get A Service Animal


For individuals who discover that their PTSD hinders their ability to function in the public areas, service animals may be a great companion to help with anxiety and stress associated with completing daily routines.  Visit websites such as,, and



Getting Active


Exercise increases your endorphins, improves mood and sleep patterns.  Whether it be swimming, jogging, or just dancing, it helps to shake up stale energy in the body and reduce stress.  PTSD does not have to be the end of happiness; however, with a little work, a lot of patience, and some outside professional help, it is possible to be an overcomer and to live fully again.


Getting Help


If you are suffering from just one of the signs of PTSD, it can be overwhelming to think about going to rehab and doing it.  Reaching out for help is the best chance you may have to putting an end to your substance abuse or PTSD for good.  Finally, do not ignore yourself and your needs.  Seek immediate mental health treatment so you will no longer have to live in this cycle of abuse.  For more information about this subject, contact Patricia Moceo at email:




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