Veteran Resources September 2017

The National Association of American (NAAV) was asked to share information with our audience of veterans and their family members about a new Brain Donor program being offered through Mount Sinai in New York. This program is uniquely focused on military service members. “Dr. Kristen Dams-O’Connor, who is one of the leading brain injury researchers […]

NCRC announcement

National Association of American Veterans is pleased to announcement our partnership with National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC). If you are a veteran in need of assistance with your home, contact 1.800.475.NCRC (6272) and speak with a trained counselor or send an email with the following information to Please provide the following information when you […]

Emergency Assistance Resource and Referral

Soldier On and Voice of Calvary Ministries (VOCM) have partnered to do community outreach for Veterans’ families in Mississippi. If you know a Veteran who is on the verge of homelessness or struggling with issues related to housing, health care or substance abuse, send them to VOCM. Services include: peer support, counseling, financial support, training, […]

Informational Notice for Residence of Prince William County

Property Tax Awareness for Elderly and Disabled American Veterans The National Association of American Veterans (NAAV) is committed to providing support to our Nation’s veterans and their family members through various category of resources. The following information, although not directly endorsed or researched by NAAV, but is instead being submitted at the request of a […]

FEMA National Disaster Recovery Support (NDRS) Cadre Hiring for Multiple Positions

Join our team and use your talent to support Americans in their times of greatest need. FEMA prepares the nation for all hazards and manages Federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. The National Disaster Recovery Support (NDRS) cadre is to help coordinate federal post-disaster recovery planning and implementation in support of state, […]

Great Resources For Healthy Living

Hi, While more people are embracing a healthy lifestyle, there are still plenty of people who feel confused or get mixed messages on what constitutes healthy living and healthy eating. Not to mention that eating healthy doesn?t seem like it’s easy on the pocketbook. At Public Health Library, we want to pull back the curtain […]

Trainers Warehouse

Trainers Warehouse provides educational and confidence-building tools for a variety of situations, including therapy, classroom settings and workplaces. We are especially proud of our Session Opener Thumball, which is an icebreaker that motivates people to open up and build confidence. This is a useful tool that can assist our military veterans who may be dealing […]

Hello! I was browsing through and wanted to reach out Links – National Association of American Veterans Resources. Community Mental Health Summits The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Seven Steps to Staying Mentally Sharp as a Tack After 60 10 Things You Didn?t Know … regarding the links on this page. I?m one […]

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