Veterans Scholarship Program at Mercy College Approved

Great news!! The National Science Foundation has approved our ‘Veterans to Math Teachers’ scholarship program for another year at Mercy College, beginning in June, 2021 (This Year!!).

I am enlisting your support to help ‘spread the word’ for this amazing scholarship program for our deserving veterans.

Just to recap: My name is Dr. William Farber, I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Mercy College, and a United States Navy Veteran (1968 – 1974). Mercy College is offering this wonderful scholarship opportunity to military veterans and reservists, to earn a TUITION-FREE Master of Science Degree in Mathematics Education and become a secondary mathematics teacher in our high need schools. We have the OK from the National Science Foundation to recruit and select a new cohort of veterans for the program!


Attention: U.S. Military Veterans

Free Master of Science Degree !!

$1.16 Million Award!!

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Qualified Veterans to Become Secondary Mathematics Teachers

Associate Professor Dr. William Farber,

Mercy College School of Education

U.S. Navy Veteran (1968-1974)

As a Veteran of the United States Navy who transitioned to teaching mathematics, I believe in the reciprocal strengths that Veterans bring to the profession and that teaching brings to Veterans’ lives,” says William Farber, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. “I am convinced that these mature men and women will provide qualities of leadership, strength and team work to the profession, improve capacity- building in their schools, and act as professional and personal role models for secondary school students.”


Mercy College has been awarded a major grant of just over 1.16 million dollars from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Teacher Scholarship Program. The grant is for a project to advance mathematics education, with a particular emphasis on United States Military Veterans retraining for new careers as secondary mathematics teachers.

The funding from the National Science Foundation is earmarked for ten Veterans to complete a Master of Science degree in Mathematics Education – TUITION FREE!!


The challenge attached to this good news is that we need to recruit seven (7) qualified military veterans or reservists by the end of this May, 2021!

Please contact me immediately, if you are a Veteran who already has an earned bachelor’s degree and have earned at least 18-24 credits in mathematics. A Master of Science in mathematics education can qualify you for a career as a secondary math teacher and lead to State Certification.

We strongly believe this program will provide veterans with a new gateway to a purposeful life in a deserving community. As important, we strongly believe that these mature men and women will provide qualities of leadership, strength, and team work to the profession, improve capacity- building in their schools, and act as professional and personal role models for secondary school students. We also believe that this program will bring benefits to high need schools in terms of providing a new pool of STEM teachers.

Also, please feel free to share the following YOU TUBE Video link (See Below) with your veteran contacts through social media. [1]

I know that you and your colleagues are dedicated to a better vocation and education for all our United States Veterans and Reservists. I, therefore, appreciate your support for this important effort by posting the attached flyer in your newsletters and social media networks throughout your veteran network. I would also welcome the opportunity to conduct a presentation to veterans who may be interested in this TUITION-FREE Master of Science Scholarship Program. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your support, collaboration, and consideration of this worthwhile veterans’ initiative. Please see the attached program flyer.

Take care and thank you for your dedication and continued service to our veterans,

Bill Farber

Dr. William L. Farber

Director, Veterans to Math Teachers Program (MeirPro)

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Mercy College

555 Broadway

Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522


Flyer – Veteran Scholarship Program

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