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Fresh Focus #18: Scaling back the holiday meal
12/22/2020 02:00 PM EST

The holidays can be a whirlwind, even this year with just a small
household group. After the dust settles and the dishes are washed, it
can feel like a crash of adrenaline. You’ve spent hours cooking and
you probably don’t want to cook for the rest of the week. [From
VAntage Point]

12/22/2020 #VeteranOfTheDay Air Force Veteran Joy Cleaver Miller
12/22/2020 11:30 AM EST

Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Air Force Veteran Joy Cleaver Miller,
who served in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Bosnia, Russia and Yemen. In
1994, Joy Cleaver Miller commissioned in the Air Force for her unique
medical background. [From VAntage Point] We honor your service, Joy!

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