The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. and The CABEL Foundation, Inc. Partner in Support of Veterans Homeownership in the Greater Washington Metro Area

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) and the CABEL Foundation, Inc. are partnering in support of Veterans and their family members most in need of homeownership and financial literacy in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area. NAAV provides emergency assistance referrals, counseling referrals, legal, employment, and housing assistance to severely injured Servicemembers and disabled Veterans and their families most in need nationwide. The CABEL Foundation’s mission is to provide the community-at-large opportunities to receive comprehensive Financial Literacy education that will help them in their personal financial decisions about their future as well as that of youth.

Constance A. Burns, Founding President, Chief Executive Officer, and Veterans’ Service Officer of NAAV, Inc. and Ervin C. Owens, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of the CABEL Foundation will work with Veterans and Servicemembers most in need for assistance with homeownership and financial literacy residing in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia with support from other private agencies, corporations, companies, and community bankers interested in providing financial support and in-kind contributions in support of this noteworthy endeavor.

NAAV vision is to serve as a comprehensive nonprofit organization that values the honorable and selfless service of our nation’s Servicemembers and disabled Veterans as well as empowering Servicemembers and disabled Veterans by giving them access to information on education, employment, housing, nutritional and spiritual wellness, medical care information, and job training, financial literacy, and career coaching.

The CABEL Foundation, Inc. believe that laying a foundation of Financial Literacy education, responsible consumerism and behavior as well as supplemental education/job and life skills training will encourage youth and families to make better choices that will allow them to grow and develop into confident, self-reliant members in their communities.

To date, NAAV and the CABEL Foundation have identified 5 families in need of homeownership and/or financial literacy assistance due to financial hardship, unemployment, homelessness, or the effects of COVID-19 outbreak nationwide. For information, please contact NAAV, Inc. at email: or call (202) 465-3296 leave a voice message for a return call. Thank you.

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