TBI and PTE Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Epilepsy Disorders

The Veterans of foreign Wars post 10218 of El Monte, California, has  recently partnered with the Epilepsy foundation of Greater Los Angeles  in an effort to raise awareness among military personnel, veterans, and friends/families about TBI (concussions) and the risk of developing PTE (Post Traumatic Epilepsy) or other neurological disorders. The Department of Defense is responsibility for tracking traumatic brain injury (TBI) data in the U.S. military. There are over 350,000 military personnel and veterans affected by TBI and they are at risk of developing PTE. The attached web site offers a 7 week free resource program to address this issue. Visit  www.veteransandepilepsy.org or contact Frank Chavez, Surgeon, VFW Post 10218, El Monte, CA 91731; office (626) 826-2595.

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