Supporting Military Mental Health Month Resources
Almost 1 out of every 3 Veterans seeking treatment for substance use
disorder also have PTSD. Studies show PTSD and substance use problems
are strongly related in people who served in the military and in
civilians. Therefore, our organization is raising awareness of
co-occurring disorders during May – National Military Appreciation

Below are Links just some of our free resources available for veterans
military members suffering from co-occurring disorders and PTSD:


State of Veteran Mental Health and Substance Abuse in America
provides interesting infographics and statistics that relate to
veterans’ alcohol consumption and social/emotional/physical issues.

PTSD & Substance Abuse in Veterans discusses what PTSD and why it
occurs, additionally how to get help to overcoming the symptoms and
struggles of living with PTSD

Veteran Drug & Alcohol Rehab gives statistics of U.S. veterans with
substance addiction, how mental health and chronic pain affect addiction
and additional support groups for veterans.

Resources for Veterans – offers multiple resources and guides for
veterans and family members to navigate co-occurring disorders common in
veterans and active service members For those hoping to find help in
their local areas they can also use our free directory to locate the
nearest treatment facilities or they can use our free text line to
start the road to recovery.

Please let me know if you would like to help increase awareness by
adding these valuable resources to your page?
They are created with the purpose of educating and saving lives.
If you are not the person to contact, could you please point me in the
right direction?

Warmest regards,

Tamarah Ibraheem

American Addiction Centers


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