March Testimonials: “Springing Ahead”

The National Association of American Veterans is honored to share more testimonies as the winter months fade into spring. NAAV has been keeping busy doing what we’ve been commissioned to do, such as the following:
• Provide home mortgage support for an Arkansas Veteran through Farmer’s and Merchants Bank in Arkansas.

• Provide assistance for homeless Veteran John Pike of Tampa, Florida.

• Receive and respond to over 50 calls for emergency assistance, resources, and referrals in January and February.

• Provide support for widows of deceased Veterans and mentoring, educating, and training Veterans in Florence, South Carolina.

• Assist with financial support for the VFW Post 3181 in South Carolina in preparation for its state convention in May 2017.

NAAV received a wonderful testimony this past March from Navy Veteran Dwayne Summage.

This is my testimony, a Navy Vet whose been diagnosed with TBI, and PTSD. Ever since the age of 17, struggling and looking for acceptance, I got introduced to JESUS CHRIST. Shortly after, I went on to join the Navy where I made family within two years of being in (a wife and two daughters: ages 14 years and 12 years old).

Within 15 years of being in the Navy, I struggled with PTSD without even knowing the effects of it. It took a toll on my family, and soon destroyed us as a unity. Throughout my career, I’ve served in Al Asad, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in Camp Delta. I decided to get out at the end of my enlistment, for it left my daughters devastated as I was, not even knowing it. At that time, I was freshly divorced.

In 2013, I [went] back out to the civilian world, not having a clue on how to adjust, for I didn’t receive TAPS class for transition. At that point, life became even more complicated. In 2014, I was checked in to a VA medical center in Memphis, TN, where I worked receiving treatment for PTSD for my inability on how to adjust for major depression disorder and anxiety. My daughters lived in Charleston, SC, all the while, which I knew was important for me to get to them.

Miraculously, the Lord sent me a soulmate veteran who had gone through a similar path I had gone through. She lived in Savannah in 2015, and I’ve known known her since July 2015. Because we both wanted what was best for our children, we decided to make the continued sacrifice of taking our income and sleep in our vehicles to support our children. One day we mustered up faith to make a call to Washington, DC, while we were having ongoing issues at Atlanta during the evaluation.

We called Ms. Constance Burns, who wholeheartedly goes beyond the cusp for the veterans and seems to exemplify Christ in ALL that she does, made the transition so much smoother for us to stay and for our children to eat. We didn’t know how they were going to eat. There have been many times I wanted to throw in the [towel]. But out of nowhere, the phone will ring, “a ring of hope to keep pressing on,” it’s Ms. Constance Burns just calling just to see how I’m doing.” Tears began to stream down my face . . . someone who STILL cares, someone who’s still FIGHTING ON OUR BEHALF and knows the true battles we face on a daily basis, someone who INTERCEDES . . .
God bless . . . My testimony . . . Dwayne Summage

As always, NAAV appreciates the support provided from our sponsors, friends, family, and random donations of time, finances, and talents. Your contributions help us serve those who dedicated their lives to sacrifice for others even to the point of sometimes losing their own families and pieces of their lives. We are grateful and thankful to be a part of “fighting the good fight” and hearing about the difference we are all making in the lives of others who are deeply and humbly touched through the measures we [you] have taken to “give back.”

Sincere regards,

President and CEO
Constance Burns
NAAV, Inc.
Washington, DC

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