Announcing 12 New Compassionate Allowances

The Social Security Administration, Office of Communications is pleased
to announce that they have added 12 new conditions to their
Compassionate Allowances program.

When a Social Security or Supplemental Security Income claim involves a
Compassionate Allowances condition, we can often make a decision
quickly and minimize the time required to begin paying benefits as these
conditions clearly meet our standard for disability under the law.

Please see our press release in links below for details.

Please encourage you to share this information with your members,
affiliates, and other interested parties.


Jeffrey Buckner
Associate Commissioner
Office of Strategic and Digital Communications
(T) 410-965-1804

Produced at U.S. Taxpayers ExpenseSocial Security Administration, 3409 Annex 6401 Security Boulevard,
Baltimore, MD 21235 United States

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