I ‘m Drowning in Debt! What do I do?

Finding yourself with more bills than money can be overwhelming. Regrettably, it is more common than you may think. A financial crisis can be the result of different reasons such as bankruptcy, joblessness, medical bills etc. I’m sure you are feeling stress, confusion, loss of confidence and control. If you are dealing with a financial crisis, […]

Senior Wellness Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic and Recovery 2021

It has been a rough year for us all, but after caring for my aging parents during the pandemic, I’m convinced senior citizens may have had the most difficult experience of anyone. From being in a high-risk age group for the virus, to being isolated from loved ones for an extended period of time, to […]

Senior Guidance

Senior Guidance (https://www.seniorguidance.org/), is an organization dedicated to providing senior living assistance to the elderly. At Senior Guidance, our mission is to help senior citizens during their most difficult times. Senior Guidance provides numerous helpful resources and articles on Alzheimer’s disease, memory care, senior living, aging, senior care, caregiving, and more. In addition, we enable […]

Vitality 4 Life Exercise Videos and Other Products

The Vitality 4 Life have offered to help NAAV Senior Veterans and their caregivers and family members most in need on a case by case basis. See products offered below: Free Senior Exercise Videos- visit VitalityFL.com/Free * Current products- visit VitalityFL.com/Store * Free printable Senior Exercise Guides – visit VitalityFL.com/pdf * Vitality 4 Life Youtube […]

How to manage your feelings

NINE COPING SKILLS 1.  Pray Are you a religious or spiritual person, if you are (or even if you’re not but have considered trying) praying can be tremendously helpful in times of extreme stress. 2.  Play Music that creates an emotion that is opposite of the one you are struggling with. For example, if you […]

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