Claiming God’s Promises

When you are facing challenges in your life do you have difficulties claiming God’s promises? Every challenge that you faced in life is an opportunity for you to trust God and depend on His promises. When King David faced a serious problem, he prayed to God and repented of His sins. Read Psalm 51 and […]

Words of Comfort and Hope from God’s Word

For the Veterans and their family members facing rental evictions, foreclosures, mounting medical bills, credit debts, utilities bills, and transportation problems . . . for the single-parent service member and Veteran . . . for widows of deceased Veterans, for the spouse considering a divorce . . . for the many thousands who have lost […]

In Times Like These!

Friends, we live in a time that is filled with violence, confusion, greed, wickedness in high places, and many challenges every day. Many precious souls are lost and confused, and led astray by false gospels. The Word of God provides the only way of deliverance from the chains of sin in the fallen world we […]


To forgive means to pardon or to show mercy. More important, forgiveness means to send away. The Bible says, forgiveness means separating the sinner from sin. Our heavenly Father accomplishes forgiveness by placing our sins on Christ on the cross and judging our sin there. When an individual accepts Christ as savior, he or she […]